Panal of Economists of the EP-NAM

Welcome to the Panal of Economists of the East Pacific Non-Aligned Movement (EP-NAM). Herein is assembled, on an ad hoc basis at the pleasure of the Joint Coordination Committee, the most gifted economists from each of the Non-Aligned partners. Their job is to deliberate and report on economic policies that would better allow the Non-Aligned partners to exercise greater economic independence from the Great Powers of the region (see below) in defence of the Key Principles of the Movement (see below).

The Great Powers of the East Pacific[ul]
[li] Infinite Loop

[li] The Packilvanian Hive

[li] East Pacific Treaty Organisation (EPTO) and all it’s constituent
[li] Any nation or pan-national organisation which has directly aligned itself with any of the above
[/li][/ul]Key Principles of the East Pacific Non-Aligned Movement[ul]1. Mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
2. Mutual non-aggression
3. Mutual non-interference in domestic affairs
4. Equality and mutual benefit
5. Peaceful co-existence