[PASSED] Repeal: “Rights of Sapient Species”

General Assembly Resolution #355 “Rights of Sapient Species” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly (WA),

Applauds the intention of GAR#355 to protect the rights of all sapient species, reflecting the diversity of species across the multiverse;

Notes, however, that the target resolution has significant flaws that neuter its ability to protect the rights of sapient species, namely the lack of a definition over what constitutes:

  1. “mentally ill” under paragraph 6 of the resolution, thus allowing for varying and potentially malicious interpretations in the absence of any WA resolutions to the contrary, and
  2. “normal” adult humans under paragraph 8 of the resolution, thus granting broad discretion to each WA state to interpret this clause at will, noting differences in age, maturity and other matters;

Believes that the WA already has numerous resolutions in place that protect the rights of sapient individuals; and

Strives for a replacement that rectifies such defects, and the lack of clarity in the target resolution, if the WA deems it necessary; hereby

Repeals GA#355, “Rights of Sapient Species.”

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [AT VOTE] - Repeal "Rights of Sapient Species"

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

The General Assembly resolution Repeal “Rights of Sapient Species” was passed 9,738 votes to 1,666.