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Pengu-1 News is the leading broadcast station in Nystatiszna.

"It’s another beautiful day in Newport, with a small artic breeze coming down north so make sure you wear your thick coat!

In terms of politics, the downtown Nekomimi hunger strike is still going 13 days strong. The mayor when asked about the hunger strike said no comment.
Congress has run into another deadlock on the Voting bill of 2021 with the both the Imperial Party and Civilize Party refusing to allow bill to enter the floor.
Now onto sports with Jeremy Nickel."

Breaking news!
"President Ayo Hoshi has released a statement about recently ended violent hunger strike. Stating that the protest is due to foreign and outsider intervention into our harmonious nation. Dozens of the former protesters have came to their good senses and signed confessions stating they we’re paid by outside agitators. Ma’am president refuse to comment which foreign nation was interfering with our proud nation stating its a matter of national security.

In local news mayor of Newport has already sent out cleaning and construction crews to repair the damage downtown. As well signing a new city ordinance forbidding nekomimi from leaving their assigned quarters of the city with the exception for emergences and work. With local nekomimi leaders enthusiastic about the new bill."

"It’s a brand new wonderful morning over at our facility in Newport and let me tell you the streets much safer with that extremely violent riot finally crushed. I didn’t even see any of those thugs hanging around in the park or the coffee shops on my way to work. It’s like a overnight change for the improvement of all. The mayor should have passed this ordinance years ago!

According to the press brief last night, the Deputy of Defense has made raid on a nekomimi foreigner’s hotel room. It’s believe that this individual not just organized the riot but planned several terrorist attacks on hospitals and schools. They are currently with holding the potential terrorist in max security. No further details have been given.

In the senate, the new voting bill which would allow nekomimi in Newport, Tømmer and Fortryde to vote has failed to pass. With a senior member Imperial Party senator stating that Nekomimi are just to mentally fragile the pressures of voting and civic responsibly.

Now onto Hockey Night with Jeremy Nickel."

"It’s another rough one folks and I’m not just talking about the weather. The Deputy of Defense and Deputy of Foreign Affairs have made a joint statement about the recent arrest of the foreigner. It appears the Nekomimi is from Kurikia, his hotel room was containing photos of several Nekomimi terrorist leaders, firearms under the bed, schedules of several senators and as well the flag of the Kurikian communist party hanging up along the wall. 
He signed a confession stating he was planning to murder the senators and start civil war for Nekomimi dominance over our proud elven society.  
President Hoshi requested that Kurkia’s officials to assist in the investigation of this would-be terror attack.

In more positive news, President Hoshi signed the Nystatiszna - Rikevaarland Temporary Worker agreement. So be sure to signed up for it at the embassy or your town’s townhall! Let me tell you, if I had this opportunity when I was younger I would take it in a heart beat. It’s like a paid vacation experience! 
Additionally the senate also approved of new funds to be used to construction of a highway that will connect the southern cities.

The sport segment will be hosted by Marianne Hansen as Jeremy Nickel is with his husband and newly adopted daughter. All of us from Pengu-1 wish the new family a wonderful time."


"Kurikia rejects assisting the investigation of the terrorist ringleader known as Mr. Vasilivs and outright refused the evidence gathered by investigators. Promising to use economic sanctions and vague threats of military action.

Senior Senator and head chair of foreign relations June Aker, had this to say on the situation"
"Kurikia government is trying to use its military and economic might to ignore international law and tradition to bully our nation into giving up this terrorist, it’s plain and simple. It’s clear they want to avoid the truth of the matter. Let me promise you here that Nystatisza will not be strong-armed by a nation who wishes to protect their terrorists.

"President Hoshi has established a special committee to deal with the rising situation. Hand-picked by the President and Senator Dr. Jevianiz Kacerren the head of counter terrorism and internal intelligence. The committee aims to find a diplomatic situation and defuse the situation. President Hoshi has officially offered a meeting to the Kurikia president.”

Special Interview

“Good Morning folks and today we got something special for you all today. With the recent debate in the Senate about reforming of the military. We brought in two senior senators, Dr. Sofie Kallevik of the Imperial Party and Victoria Engebretsen of the Kurin Democratic Party to discuss the issue of today. Dr Kallevik will go first.”

“Thank you for hosting us. I would like to just clear the confusion I have been hearing from my constituents. The issue we’re facing isn’t if we should reform the military but rather how much we are going to spend and where we’re going to spend it. It’s a settled manner that we are reforming the military.”

“While I agree mostly with the good doctor. I believe she left out the part where we assign political commissars and the creation of a special branch of military to combat preserved terrorism. Even then having 7% of our entire GPD committed to the military is completely absurd. These funds can be used for building new homes and creating roads.”

"There is clear and present danger of threats within and without our borders. My good liberal friend has already forgotten the Kurikian ships in our seas and the failed terrorist attack last week. I don’t disagree that 7% a large sum of treasure to spend however these funds can be used for missile defenses along the coast to prevent the next time some bully decides to starve our most vulnerable people. The threat of terrorism is a ever looming threat that all nations have to deal with, we need to be ahead of the curve. The political commissars are to insure the military doesn’t decide to establish another military dictatorship and keep the government in charge.

“That is complete mischaracterization of what I said my good speciest. We can build a coastal defenses without needing such a massive sum of cash. Your party’s deliberate rewriting of history the hunger strike last week and your halfass evidence of a terrorist attack is the reason why we have Kurikian ships on our coast line. Then there is the…”

“I whole hearty reject everything you said. That was clearly a violent uprising an…”

“It wasn’t violent, it was a complete peaceful until your…”

The audio cuts and the air fills with static.

Jeremy Nickel
“Sorry to interrupt the conversation folks but it appears we lost connection to our guests. So I will be covering the uhh.”
A few seconds of dead air before Jeremy coughs
“So the little league fishing tournament…”

“Good Morning folks! We got a special request directly from the newly created branch of department of information to help ease us all into having a military again. We’re here with our extra special guest Information officer Lt. Erle Hagen.”

“Good morning Nystatiszna, don’t worry we won’t keep you guys from the game long. We have made arrangements with the Hockey league to wait until after we’re finished to start playing! So Mr. Pengu…”

Pengu Jr.
“Please Mr. Pengu was my father. I’m Pengu Jr.”
An stock laugh track plays.

“Well Pengu Jr, I figure we start explain the new military branches. The Army Defence Forces, Navy, Air Command, Missile Defence Command, Counter-Special Weapons Department, Counterterrorism and Intelligence.”

Pengu Jr.
“I think we’re all smart enough to understand the first three but how can you use missiles defensively and that Counter-Special whatcha call it sounds rather concerning.”

She gives out a short laugh
“Not at all, Counter Special Weapons is just making sure we stay ahead of the curve of alternative weapons. In this day in age of chemical, biological and even sonic weapons. We have to make sure we have safeguards and the proper equipment to deal with such threats.”

Pengu Jr.
“Sounds scary, I’m glad our Government is staying a step ahead of those bad guys!.”

“Of course, our leaders will never make such decisions lightly. On the missile defense we can’t give too much specifics for the interest of national security however I can say it will be able to counter those who encroach our Nystatiszna territories.”

Pengu Jr.
“Our listeners of course understand that it has to be a secret but surely you give something to us.”

“Well, I can promise once we get it running. We share everything we possibly can however due to the international community working against our nation we have to keep a top level of secretly.”
a few moments of dead air, a short cough

Pengu Jr.
“When can we start seeing our lasses in uniform?”

“Well we’re working as fast as we can. With the recent unjust sanctions and the illegal Kurkian blockade it’s adding a level of complexity to the situation. As of now we’re currently using mercenaries to make up our short fall of military power.”

Pengu Jr.
“That’s all the time we have today, stay tune for tonight hockey game Whales vs Frozen-Cats!”

Pengu Jr.
“Good Morning Nystatiszna, we have a cold weather front moving in from the south. 
In terms of political news, the Imperial Party officially has entered in a bill onto the Senate floor to begin a the search for a Monarch. The K.D.P and the L.M having a joint statement condemning the bill with one senator calling barbatic and organizing a protest outside of the Senate building. The C.P. and C.R.P have not commented on the bill.
It is expected to pass.”

Pengu Jr.
“Afternoon Nystatiszna, the weather keeps getting cold and the government would like to remind citizens to stay indoors if they are able to.
In terms of the political sphere of things, the Senate is currently debating about the creation of a state-run phone service and the roll out of 3G networks all across the Nystatiszna. 
In addition to the phone network bill, the creation of another bill connect Nystatiszna to the internet with the creation of a spam filter that will block, filter and censor automatically fake news articles and other socially harmful materials.”

The K.D.P and I.P officially have release a jointed statement about both bills, stating that
“Nystatiszna needs to be brought into the modern day, the creation of these phone and internet services allow all of us to create new business ventures and talk to our family all across the country.”

Pengu Jr. 
Sounds of a high pitched sound blasts over all the radios.
“This is not a drill, a tsunami has been reported by Aduraszna officials.
Attention all citizens in Tommer and Newport, gather your things and follow the evacuation signs to refugee center, it’s 15 miles inland so bring water and wear as many coats as you can. The government cannot provide be help to assist citizens at this time, all resources are being directed to moving key assets to safety. This is not a drill, you will not survive if you stay by the coast. For the love of Akua get out and get at least 15 miles inland.”

Pengu Jr.
“Citizens of Nystatiszna, the people of Newport and Tømmer require assistant. If your able bodied then please head to your local townhall and assist in recovery efforts. If you are able to please donation any spare rations of toiletries, hygienic products, water bottles, canned goods and clothing. They can be dropped off at your townhall or high school facility.”


President Ayo Hoshi
“My fellow Nystatinne, I have always played my cards straight and I will not stop now. We are in a state of crisis, the tsunami has affected us all deeply. The spirits have decided to strike us when we’re all returning from our hard days work. The senate only had one hour warning to evacuate the population and the senate decided it was better to move industrial equipment instead of assisting the evacuation. 
A moment of silence then Hoshi speaks again in a sorrowful tone.
The storm has destroyed all of Newport and Tømmer leaving millions homeless, thousands dead or missing. I ask all of Nystatinne to open their doors and hearts. Donate any spare canned goods, water bottles, clothing and money to your local town hall. If you’re able-bodied please sign up at the local town hall and assist in the search and rescue operations.
The international community has turned its back on us and left us to die because of our nation’s unjust species policies. Only Casadii, Durakia and Cryria have the decency to send aid, however it won’t be enough and in the end all we have is each other. Regardless of our species, religion or political affiliation we need to come together and rebuild our nation after this disaster.
If you’re still missing a family member please inform the administrator at the town hall. I’m sending our newly formed military forces to assist with search and rescue operations. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure reunited families as fast and safely as possible.

May Akua drink with you and Akua watch over Nystatiszna.”

Pengu Jr.
“The Senate is holding a impromptu snap decision to hold a vote on the Enjen Nekomimi Protections against tail-shorting, ear clipping and addition cruel punishments of 2021. The bill passed 30 to 0 in the Upper Senate and 100 in Lower Senate. The Imperial Party spoke out against this bill saying the senate didn’t have proper notice of where and when the Senate was meeting, stating that the Senior Senator in charge of finding a building for the Senate only informed the members in the Kurintail Democratic Party. The Senior Senator has declined to respond.”

“President Hoshi has already approved the law and enforcing it through out the country commenting, that not even a tsunami can stop the hard working members of the KDP.”

Pengu Jr.
"The Nystatiszna Senate has officially declared that it will be using the Lars Armory building in Kala as it’s temporary meeting place until a new senate is built.

The temporary housing projects near Newport and Tømmer have officially declared a state of quarantine, only allowing aid workers, medical personal and security forces are allowed to be on the streets during the hours between 1200 hours to 0600 hours. All needed supplies will be dispersed by delivery personal. If you require medical attention then contact your nearest security forces and they will radio for assist.

President Hoshi has officially stated that every Monday at 0800 hours will have a moment of silence lasting no longer than 5 minutes will be held for all those who lost their lives in the tsunami."

Special Interview
Pengu Jr.
“Good Evening with the ongoing debate in the Senate about The Newport and Tømmer bill for the reconstruction and development of industrial, commercial and residential sectors. To help explain both sides, we brought back Dr. Sofie Kallevik of the Imperial Party and Victoria Engebretsen of the Kurintail Democratic Party to discuss the issue of today. Mrs Engebretsen will go first this time.”

Engebretsen: “Thank you and I would first like to start off by discussing one of the most critical feature of the KDP plan, the rent-to-own provision. By allowing families to own their own homes, we can start the path of creating generational wealth and create a more stable middle class in Nystatiszna as a whole.”

Kallevik: “While I agree that rent-to-own would create a firm structure for Nystatiszna prosperity however we simply don’t have it in the budget for building every family a townhouse. We need to focus our limited resources to assure the highest returns, we can do this by focusing on our high income and education population. The Imperial Party’s plan address this and more. Now I understand the KDP fears that we will leave the nekomimi in ghettos however the plan covers them by providing free housing in apartment blocks.”

Engebretsen: “You forget the part where the government assigned where they are required to live and how your party’s plan for the creation of micro districts includes having checkpoints at each nekomimi districts. Not only a expensive to maintain but completely founded in a delusional speciest thinking.”

Kallevik: “Those police checkpoints are for nekomimi safety, their been a increase of hate crimes towards them and we’re simply caring about our cat eared friends. Your party is the one that wants to increase the amount of hate towards them by your party’s forced mixing the species together.”

Engebretsen: “The rise in violence crime against nekomimi are located in the temporary living camps and I don’t think I need to bring up the horrid conditions of those places. Conditions that’s could have been avoided if your party truly cared about the people of Nystatiszna.”

Kallevik: “To use the on going natural disaster as a political weapon, truly despicable.”

Engebretsen: “Is it as despicable as using government resources to save machinery rather than helping it citizens evacuation from said disaster.”

Pengu Jr: “Let’s try to get back on track. I believe both your parties agree on having cheap public transport.”

Kallevik: “Those machines are important for the future of Nystatiszna.”

Engebretsen: “By future of Nystatiszna you mean lining the pockets of the Imperial Party.”

Pengu Jr: “Well that’s all the time we have and w…”

Kallevik: “Lining the pocket of Imperial Party? Thos…”

Music begins playing

Pengu Jr.
“Over ten barrels of a still currently unidentified sapient reminds has been found in the Newport Temporary Relocation Camp. They was discovered by a pair of young Ursines playing near a abandoned construction yard in section 26. The police has confirmed it has several suspects in custody and is request the public to come forward if they have information pertaining to the case.”

Newport rebuilding ahead of schedule!
Pengu Jr.
“Over twenty one new resident districts have been completed have been ahead of schedule. With a Imperial Party spokesman stating praising the construction crews and brick factories tireless work. The Senate passed a law to name a districts after the Senator-foreman in charge Simen Endresen of the construction project.”

Princess Ingrid sores in polls against Berg Van Biekart
Pengu Jr.
“In the Monarchy Election, Princess Ingrid completely flies past Biekart personality likeably polls. With most experts citing Ingrid’s nekomimi heritage and civil activism being a key factor in high ratings among the nekomimi communities. Noticeably a Zrei population in the poll data unanimity prefers Biekart over Ingrid in nearly all categories.”

IF Ambassador replaced by her Nekomimi assistant 
Pengu Jr.
"The IF Ambassador Voklith Kodaldrul, has been imboiled in a scandal and morally reprehensible behavior. The Burau has uncovered extremely questionable photos and text messages between her a nekomimi. Her and everyone besides her assistant Eirin Slovkry have also been removed for being part of the scandal. Her Nekomimi assistant was given her seat in the senate and ambassadorship as a reward for uncovering the scandal.

Tømmer’s water tower was vandalized by young nekomimi teens. The large water tower now has an animal called a Capybara, a breed of dog that eats coconuts spray painted on it, facing towards the sea. Instead of being outraged, the public is fascinated by the creature now lurking on their water supply. The town council has voted 10-3 to keep the graffiti and declare the capybara to be the city’s new moscot!

Pengu Jr.
"The recently completed 10-year long geologic survey of all of Nystatiszna has discover that our beautiful country has a rich and large variety of previously undiscovered minerals. Large volumes of zinc, graphite, lead, copper and titanium have been discovered in center Nystatiszna. On the northern islands of the country iron and silver was also discovered.

The debate in the Upper Senate is over how the nation will profit from our rich ore claims. Senior Senator and beloved guest of the show Victoria Engebretsen, putting forward a bill that will established a state-owned mining corporation and direct the profits to the National Pension, Welfare & Development Fund. She states the bill will not just create jobs but massively develop the infrastructure and improve the lives of Nystatinne.

"The main opposition to the bill is the Senior Senator and wonderful guest of the show Dr. Sofie Kallevik, who put forward their own bill to sell off the mining claims and let corporations develop it. Stating it will bring a much needed boost to the economy both short term and long term. The bill will also set aside a small percentage to go to the National Pension, Welfare & Development Fund, but not nearly the same amount as the Engebretsen bill.

Neither side as provided a method of how the mines will be payed for, how to seek outside investment or how to export the ores to the world market."

Senate Announces Nystatiszna - Packilvania Trade Deal
Pengu Jr.
“The Senate announces the birth of a new trade deal between Nystatiszna and great nation of Packilvania. The majority leader of the Upper Senate, Dr. Sofie Kallevik had this to say on the matter.”

“We believe the facilitation of trade between our nations help greatly benefit both our nations. The history of both nations are joined at the hip, both our nations are currently under the humiliation of sanctions for fighting the world’s Imperialism. Only by growing our economies together we can hope to achieve lasting world peace in the deeply unjust state of the world.”