Petition to the Grand Vizier

Esteemed Grand Vizier,

I’m coming to you with petition to re-institute non-friendly endorsement caps. This topic was brought in Praesidium several times by now, but it never ended up in anyone making a decision, therefore, I am coming to you with petition to hold a debate between Viziers on the topic and come back with a final opinion of Praesidium to me.

Whilst Viziers had concerns about monitoring nations not endorsing the Delegate, I would like to mention, that y0 / Evrigenis made a tool, which we can at any time use to monitor endocapviolators. It’s easily accessible and all data is stored in Google Sheets, so finding nations, that would be breaking the endocap takes estimately 3 minutes. Maybe less.

As to why. Whilst we will be working on manual version of WADP, encouragement does not always work. As I mentioned, there is times when I endorse people and ask them to endorse me back. I receive replies like “I won’t. Whatcha gonna do?”. So that is where non-friendly caps would be useful. Back then, EPPS warning messages seemed to work, when people were being notified about possible ejection from region. And if we want to surpass TSP in endorsements one day, we need to use all the tools and possibilities we have.

At the end, such notification would be useful to tell Evrigenis, whether they need to keep the tool working or not.


This is something that definitely can be looked into. Thank you for bringing it up.