Phoenixian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Phoenixia, officially the Federal Republic of Phoenixia, is a country in northern Arcturia, located between the Sea of Optio to the east and the Concordian Ocean to the west. It shares land borders with Vistaraland, Stelvania and Alksearia. It covers an area of 1,043,370 km2 (402,850 sq mi) with a population of 50 million. The nation’s capital and largest city is Bluckingham and its financial center is Wermont Hill. It has a GDP of 500 million Poexar dollars. It is currently led by Chancellor Andrew de Crox, also leader of the parliamentary majority party.

Phoenixia is a collaborative state that wants to build solid relationships with other states and strengthen its position on the international scene.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deals with:

  • Diplomatic

  • Embassy/Consulate establishment

  • Trade Agreement (specify)

  • Treaties (specify)

  • Trade Agreements (specify)

  • Visa Programs (specify)

  • Student Exchange Programs

  • Joint Scientific Research

  • Joint Industrial Cooperation

  • Scheduling formal meetings, summits and conferences


The ministry reserves the right to carefully review requests by consulting the government, so replies can take a while.