Pines in the Tropics

January 12, 1652
Dobrogost Palace
Dobrogost, Korćetta

The queen opened the letter addressed to her by her son, Prince Namorzynowe, Lord of Zachodnipaństwo. The letter contained the monthly report of how things were going in Zachodnipaństwo. Ever since her dad had colonized the area, the area had seen a massive growth in population, but it hadn’t seen much wealth. Very few merchants went into the ports of Zachodnipaństwo, and many of them were just looking for rest from their long trips at sea. Overall, the nation had seen much less profits than envisioned when the area was colonized just around three decades earlier, and it was taking more money to upkeep than how much it produced. The queen gingerly handed the letter to her assistant and sat back in her throne, thinking about how to deal with this. She sat there, thinking and thinking, for what felt like hours before she came to a conclusion. Korćetta needed a new colony. One that was closer to main trade and wealthy nations. One that was sure to bring the nation immense wealth. She suddenly sat up and spoke to her servant, a small ailurine man, “I need you to go out and find the best explorer you can, quickly!”

As the ailurine ran out of the palace the queen stood up from her throne and walked over to the palace windows. She looked down at the city. She saw all the people roaming the streets, the carriages riding down the streets, Lake Kaskada shimmering in the distance. This idea had to work, or else the queen would have no choice but to leave Zachodnipaństwo, and she wouldn’t let that happen so easily. The queen walked back to her throne and sat down, staring at the palace doors in front of her.

Suddenly the doors swung open to reveal the ailurine, alongside a tall human man. Well that was quick the queen thought. The ailurine led the man to the throne. The man bowed, before saying, “My humble queen, my name is Konstantyn,” he looked up and met the eyes of the queen, "I was told that you were looking for a great explorer. "

“Well, Kostantyn, what makes you such a great explorer?” the queen asked in response, a doubtful look on her face.

“I have sailed all the way to the shores of the great Empire of Salovia,” Konstantyn bragged to the queen, hoping to impress her.

The queen raised an eyebrow at this, “Well then, if this is indeed true, we will put your skills to the test.”

Konstantyn bowed again and responded, “What is it, my humble queen?”

“The nation of Korćetta needs you to set up a colony where you see fit, somewhere that will insure great riches,” the queen said, being as clear as possible, “And if you are as great of an explorer as you claim, you will know just the spot.”

Konstantyn, visibly nervous now, responded to the queen’s task with one simple sentence, “It shall be done my queen.”

“Good, now you shall receive your supplies, your ships, and your crew by the morning, and you are to set sail immediately,” the queen stated, glancing over to the ailurine, as to say that he is the one to gather all these supplies, “And if you fail, you will be promptly executed. Now be gone with you.”

Konstantyn gave the queen one last bow and hurried out of the palace. After he left the palace, he collapsed onto the steps. Why had he said all that? He wasn’t going to be able to do this, but if he didn’t he would be killed. Guess there was only one option now. He was going to have to found a colony under the flag of Korćetta.

January 13, 1652
Portmorski Harbor
Portmorski, Korćetta

Konstantyn woke up in his quarters in his ship, and immediately hit his head on a low hanging wooden beam. He rubbed his head while he listened to all the hustle and bustle of his new crew on the ship. Finally, he stood up and went to the window. On the dock, there were piles of crates waiting to be loaded onto the ships, alongside… the queen?

When Konstantyn saw the queen, he quickly left his quarters and headed for the dock. Right when he stepped onto the dock, he tripped, and fell straight onto his face. He quickly got back up, brushed himself off, and walked towards the queen like nothing had happened. After some careful steps, he finally reached his destination. He gave the queen a bow, before she addressed him. “I’ve seen to it that you are prepared for your maiden voyage,” the queen said, “You may set sail whenever everything is loaded onto the boats.”

“Thank you my queen,” Konstantyn responded, with another bow. The queen looked at him like he was crazy, but didn’t say anything. Slowly, Konstantyn walked away, being careful not to trip again. After he was on the ship, the queen whispered to her servant, “Prepare the gallows… just in case.”

After watching Konstantyn disappear into his quarters, the queen turned and walked away, her servant in tow. She glanced back at the boat and thought, he is not going to make it, before climbing into her carriage, and riding back to Dobrogost.

Two hours later

All the crates have been loaded onto the boat, and Konstantyn heard a knock on his door. He got up from his bed and answered it. It was the captain for one of the other ships, “We’re ready to set sail, sir,” he said.

“Great, tell the crews to prepare the ships for departure,” Konstantyn responded, walking past the captain out to the deck of the ship. The sun was high in the sky, and the wind was blowing hard, perfect day to set sail. He walked over to the bow of the ship and looked out on the sea. It was a brilliant deep blue. He stood there staring at the sea until the ship started to move, then he walked over to the captain. “Start heading north west, we’re heading to Zachodnipaństwo,” Konstantyn said.