Piorunpreria Foreign Affairs Office

Welcome to the Piorunpreria Foreign Affairs Office!

The Presidential Dictatorship of Piorunpreria is a former Cascadii and Tretrid colony in southwest Gondwana. Here is where all foreign affairs for the state is done. Any crimes against the state done by a nation with foreign relations will result in diplomatic termination. Diplomatic relations can be negative, positive, or neutral and will be listed as such. All diplomatic relations will be listed here to keep a proper, up to date list of all diplomatic relations. Positive relations can be terminated at any time, but the nation in question will be given a proper reason for why relation were terminated.
Diplomatic Topics:

  • Diplomatic recognition

  • Exchange of embassies

  • Military alliance

  • Scientific cooperation programs

  • Non-aggression pacts

  • Trade agreements

  • Citizenship applications

  • Visas for travel/work/school

  • Other (please specify)

Current Foreign Relations: