Polaris - May 2021 WA Digest

World Assembly Digest - May 2021
A busy and contentious month in the Assembly

By Boston Castle and planes

April was quite busy for the general assembly, passing 6 resolutions and one failing to pass. Let’s take a look!

Freedom of Association
A new right was born in the World Assembly by the passing of Freedom of Association, guaranteeing the right to be with any association unless the organization is involved in criminal activity. This resolution was written by our Deputy WA minister Boston Castle, who has written the Security Council section of the WA Digest. The resolution was passed 72.1% to 27.9%

Repeal: Voting Equality for Freed Inmates
Tinhampton wrote this repeal on the grounds of paving the way for more comprehensive voting laws, as the resolution would strike down all voting restrictions just because they had been in prison once. This repeal crawled through the world assembly 61.3% to 38.7%.

Reducing Microplastics
This resolution was written to deal with plastic pollution, addressing the health risks posed by microplastics. The proposal set out ways to eliminate plastic pollution through eliminating sources upstream. The resolution breezed through the GA 88.2% to 11.8%.

Repeal: Digital Network Defense
This repeal from Saint Tomas and the Northern Ice Islands sets out a privacy based defense of the rights of a nation’s citizens in a short and concise repeal, relying on other resolutions to support its case. While The North Pacific was against the repeal, it moved through the GA 81.3% to 18.7%.

Long Term Storage of Produced Waste
This resolution provided regulation for safe storage for dangerous waste, providing safety regulations for the health and safety of WA citizens. This proposal attempted to make a blanket mandate for all businesses, and encouraged member states to subsidise the efforts. With such a plan largely seen as unfeasible, the resolution was heavily opposed, being defeated 84.6% to 15.4%.

Repeal: On Abortion
An interesting repeal in the GA in April was GA #128, on abortion, on the grounds of too little protection and too much restrictions on access to reproductive care, passing 87.1% to 12.9%

Citizenship and Birth Act
The last GA resolution in April was a bid to make sure no child is stateless, and provides an avenue for minors in member states to obtain citizenship . This resolution passed 84.8% to 15.2%.

Unfortunately, April was not as active as March was in the Security Council with only four proposals of note being voted on in the month. Let’s take a look at the month that was in the less frantically active chamber of the World Assembly.

Commend Marrabuk
This proposal commended the long time Delegate of the East Pacific Marrabuk for their efforts to restore the East to its former glory and modernize the Department of Foreign Affairs of the East as well as his successful efforts to restore the democratically elected government of the region following the Fedele coup. Relatively uncontroversial, though with some grumblings about whether or not the author was actually worthy, it passed 75.6% to 24.4% on April 8. This was the first resolution authored by Thaecian Tagus Andusre and represented another successful co-authorship for Europeian WA stalwart Maowi.

Commend Honeydewistania
This proposal commended World Assembly author, fascist fighter, and regional community leader (as well as prominent TNPer) Honeydewistania, perhaps better known to our readership as Whatermelons. Previous efforts to commend this nominee had failed, but this was wildly successful on its second/third attempt. While some in TNP, who either via personal distaste for the nominee or simple rejection of all SC measures, voted against, this passed by a resounding 82.2% to 17.8% on April 13. This was the first resolution authored by Mariner Trench Mariner of Roleplay Calamari Lands, an auspicious start by a promising new author.

Commend Kelssek
This proposal commended sports roleplayer, UN and WA author, and TEP community leader, Kelssek. A vestige of the ancient past, the crowning achievements of Kelssek are their involvement with the early World Assembly as well as their efforts expounded in sports roleplay, such as their various triumphs and hosting of various world championships. Some forumside expressed their discontent with such an RP heavy commendation, arguing it would be better served focusing on the nominee more holistically, instead of focusing on their roleplay, but this proposal passed with an emphatic 88%-12% margin on April 20. This was the first resolution authored by Sonnel World Assembly Delegate Drawkland and marked another successful co-authorship for the North Pacific’s very own elected Delegate Francois Isidore.

Liberate The New Inquisition
Another very notable Security Council resolution this month was the controversial return of SC favorite Lenlyvit, perhaps better known as Kuriko. The long-time former 10000 Islands Delegate had “retired” from the game earlier in the year, taking a hiatus especially after the end of their term as Delegate last year. However, this proposal was immensely controversial from the start, with many accusing Lenlyvit of abusing their standing in order to target a region which has long since ceased to be an international menace. This proposal did not make the voting floor.

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