Our portal page, http://theeastpacific.com/site/ or we can call it the stepchild everyone hates. Hehe.

I made a page for extra junk, I called it “The More Page,” located here: http://theeastpacific.com/pages/more and put twitter widget there but after thinking about it, I put twitter widget on the portal and will remove the junk page. For the portal, I also removed the post from the RP news broadcast to make room for anything extra/new.

So that brings me to… what can we do to make it better? A portal can be useful, if done correctly.

Portal widgets can be done in bbcode or HTML.

Hey, just got to this because it was my exam push.

Can I get the code for the page? I have a few ideas that I’d like to fiddle with.

Now the thing with ZB is they have made webpages & the portal manager very… basic and pretty featureless.

I have attached couple of screen shots of what we have to work with the content blocks and the setting options that are available.

Oh God, that is limited.

I would recommend putting the twitter page on the real portal. It looks good.

Sucks that ZB gives such limited options with the page. I haven’t seen a mod/code/script for the portal page.

Yep I have the widget already on it.