Pre-Trial: Lamb

The Conclave hereby announces

That it has received the following charges from the East Pacific Police Service Commissioner, in the service of the Delegate.

ACCUSED: Lamb (alternatively known as Aleister)
CHARGES: Treason
The following procedures will be followed, and the Acting Viceroy will notify the appropriate parties promptly of this extension of pre-trial.

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(a) Scheduling of a Trial
2.3.2- Once a motion for suit has been made, the Viceroy is shall schedule a pre-trial and a full trial date as soon as possible. The Viceroy shall at this point notify the parties involved via telegram and/or forum message with the dates as well as posting it in the public thread.

(b) Pre-Trial
2.3.3- By the appointed pre-trial date, the whole of Conclave will rule on the admissibility of this motion, determined by the merit and need for trial, and appoint the presiding Arbiter. If the Conclave by unanimous vote rules the motion in admissible, the case is dismissed. This action is not subject to appeal.
The pre-trial shall also determine whether limits shall be placed on time allotted for trial.

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The Conclave shall, according to it’s standing orders, rule on the admissibility and merit of the complaint, which is understood to be for: Treason

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Deadline for Pre-Trial Ruling of Admissibility: November 27th, 2019
(Subject to change by prerogative of Acting Viceroy)

Trial Date: December 10th, 2020
(Subject to change by prerogative of presiding Arbiter)

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  1. Questions pertaining to this pre-trial may be asked in this thread. Such questions can address topics like understanding charges, allowance for date extensions, or housekeeping.

  2. The trial date is within a two week range of Christmas. Understandably, the trial may have to be shifted either sooner to the first week of December, or later sometime during January. This will be left up to all parties to discuss with the Presiding Arbiter of that trial. (Trial dates can also be addressed in this thread.)

The Conclave
On the merit for trial
The lack of evidence submitted by the defense has been noted.

The evidence submitted by the prosecution has been reviewed by the Conclave on the merit of full trial.

Upon deliberation, the Conclave has ruled that there is sufficient merit for the criminal charges as presented here to warrant a full trial.

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The case of TEP v. Lamb is elevated to a full criminal trial for the charge of:

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As represented by Zukchiva Yura
Acting Viceroy

The Presiding Arbiter for this trial shall be Pakitsk.