Preventing Animal Abuse

The Member Nations of the World Assembly:

Recognizing that animals are non-sapient, sentient beings capable of experiencing stress, fear, and pain;

Convinced that there is no just cause for intentionally abusing an animal, and that animals should be cared for in ways that support a healthy life free from suffering;

Resolved that animal abuse is utterly unjustifiable and should be universally condemned and prohibited;

Saddened that some individuals continue to permit or perpetrate acts of animal abuse out of antipathy, intransigence, and even malicious character;

Resolved that putting an end to unjustifiable cruelty is part of what it means to make the world a better place, one resolution at a time;

Now, therefore, the General Assembly hereby enacts the following provisions, subject to the rules and laws set by earlier WA resolutions that are still in force:

  1. Declares that cruelly or maliciously causing physical injury to an animal, cruelly killing an animal, and torturing an animal are outlawed and prohibited within World Assembly member nations;

  2. Further declares that individuals have an absolute right to defend themselves and others against a hostile animal, and nothing in this law shall be read to prevent or prohibit reasonable acts of self-defense, even if they cause injury to the animal;

  3. Outlaws the use of animals in fighting sports and any other non-military and non-law enforcement exhibition where the animal is intentionally and purposefully exposed to physical injury;

  4. Requires that any person who keeps an animal to provide that animal with reasonable and appropriate care necessary to promote the health of the animal and avoid suffering and disease;

  5. Recommends that any person who keeps an animal must, to the best of their means and ability, provide the animal with access to professional veterinary care.