Proceedings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Tretrid


Briefing on the Invasion of Syrtænzna
July 2, 2022

Sæwine Wealdmundson, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Grimgyð Ealhfriðsdohter, Ambassador-at-Large to Borea

On July 1, 2022, the Kingdom of Blåskog escalated its hostilities with the Federal Democratic Republic of Syrtænzna by launching a military intervention, supposedly to make Ragnarstat an independent state (see Addendum 1.1, Timeline of Seperatist Activities in Ragnarstat). This amounts to a Blåskovian invasion of Syrtænzna.

It is the position of the government of Tretrid that Blåskog, as an authoritarian state, is far too diplomatically and economically integrated with the North Concordian Economic Federation (NCEF), and therefore the Kingdom of Tretrid itself as a result. Prime Minister Æthelstanson has repeatedly expressed his unhappiness at Tretridian money circulating freely with Blåskog due to the two countries’ mutual membership in the NCEF.

A recently created contingency plan, codenamed OWN GOAL, provides a possible framework with which Tretrid can attempt to diplomatically isolate Blåskog if deemed fit. For the sake of brevity, only the most major points of OWN GOAL will be listed in this briefing, but a complete description of OWN GOAL can be found in Addendum 2.1, Plan OWN GOAL.

The key points of OWN GOAL include petitioning for the expulsion of Blåskog from the NCEF, demanding that the International Forum condemn Blåskog, and requesting that the League of Novaris condemn and possibly sanction Blåskog. Out of these three, the removal of Blåskog from NCEF is considered vital, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that withdrawal from the organization may be necessary should the NCEF fail to expel Blåskog. However, it remains up to the discretion of the Prime Minister whether this should be considered a valid option.

It is worth noting that actions taken against Blåskog may draw the ire of Norgsveldet, as the two countries are closely tied and Tretridio-Norgsveltian relations remain somewhat awkward. Strategic considerations limit several of the options Tretrid can take to isolate Blåskog, especially as it is imperative that relations between Tretrid and Norgsveldet remain cordial. Therefore, severe actions taken against Blåskog may affect Tretrid’s strategic situation within Novaris itself.

The Norgsveltian stance regarding these events are currently unknown, and ascertaining their position will likely be crucial in determining possible courses of action.


Report on International Forum Ambassador Professionalism
August 20, 2022

Eadburga Ælfsigesdohter, Ambassador to the International Forum

The International Forum (henceforth referred to as the IF for brevity) has historically had an endemic problem of major breaches in ambassadorial decorum, culminating with the passage of the Necessarily Official Fundamental Amendment to Legislative Limits on Egregious Disorder (officially abbreviated as NOFUNALLOWED), which provides for stricter enforcement of regulations (see Addendum 1.1, Full Text of NOFUNALLOWED). Addendums 1.2, Full Timeline of Major Infractions in the International Forum, 1.3, Full List of International Forum-Related Injuries and Deaths, and 1.4, Sociological and Psychological Evaluation of International Forum Personnel have been attached to this report as to comprehensively describe the scale and scope of this issue.

The recent revelation of an affair between Norgsveltian Security Council Ambassador Torstein Jensen and Nystatinne Ambassador Eirin Slovkry has once again brought scrutiny on ambassadorial conduct within the IF. While this scandal will not have direct consequences for Tretrid, it is worth reviewing ethics guidelines within the Tretridian ambassadorial corps to ensure such a scandal does not occur in Tretrid.

The prospect of a romantic or sexual relationship between two ambassadors raises severe questions regarding conflicts of interest and the possible compromising of sensitive information, hence their proscription under §12.3 of the Diplomatic Code of Conduct. While this extends to relationships between two members of different countries’ delegations, this notably doesn’t extend to relationships with civilians. Indeed, there are numerous Tretridian diplomats with spouses.

Furthermore, the consequences for conduct unbecoming of an ambassador can be quite steep, ranging from simple dismissal, to being discharged from the Ambassadorial Corps, to even criminal charges in the most extreme cases. Conduct such as those exhibited by Ambassadors Jensen and Slovrky would likely be met with swift dismissal from the position as head of mission, especially if the resulting scandal gains national or even international prominence.

It is also fairly likely that an investigation would be launched to determine if any potentially classified information was leaked to the other country’s diplomat. While the prospect isn’t particularly likely, it is possible, and, due to the resulting risk to national security, therefore cannot be ignored.

This report is far from the first to be written as a review of Tretridian rules of conduct in light of incidents in the IF and is similarly far from likely to be the last (see Addendum 2.1, List of Previous Reports on International Forum Professionalism). Indeed, such incidents make good case studies for possible Tretridian infractions, and therefore have some utility for testing the disciplinary process for diplomats without needing to wait for a diplomat to violate the Code of Conduct.

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Message to Tretridian Citizens
February 11, 2024

Embassy of Tretrid, Newport

The Tretridian Embassy in Nystatiszna strongly recommends that Tretridian citizens traveling to Nystatiszna for the 2024 ICAF World Cup fully read the Nystatiszna travel information and advisory page to learn about safe and secure travel in Nystatiszna. Due to the nature of large, high-profile events and the unique safety and security risks they pose, please pay attention to the Safety section of the Nystatiszna travel information and advisory page.

The Nystatinne Intelligence Bureau has published special guidelines and recommendations that can be read on their website or on the Nystatiszna travel information and advisory page. The Tretridian Embassy strongly recommends that travelers carefully read and follow them.

Please also review the Tretridian Embassy’s World Cup page, which is regularly updated with information and guidance for Tretridians visiting Nystatiszna. An information card can be found on that page, which can be saved on a computer or mobile device for easy access to the Tretridian embassy’s contact information and other guidance.

Please take the following actions:

For assistance, the following may be contacted:

  • Consular Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Embassy of Tretrid, Newport