[PROPOSAL] Amendment to the Resolution on Legislation Records

The Magisterium hereby amends theResolution on Legislation Records to add the following Section:


…8.1- It is recommended that the Provost exercise their discretionary editing power, as granted by Article B, Section 11, to enforce the provisions of this Section.

…8.2- It is recommended that the structure of statutory legislation be presented in the form of Sections of the Act, listed as advancing Roman Numerals followed by Section titles, as well as subsection Clauses, listed as advancing Arabic Numerals without titles, with no third sublevel of structure.

…8.3- It is recommended that Sections be cited as their Roman Numeral and/or name.

…8.4- It is recommended that Clauses be cited as the Roman Numeral of the Section converted into Arabic Numerals, followed by the Arabic Numeral of the Clause.

Just a little way to resolve our structure dispute. Yes, I do find it very funny that this amendment does not follow the same structure as it recommends. If it passes, it will though…the only issue is…I’m not sure this is how the discretionary edit powers work…In fact I’m fairly certain it’s not. So this is also a discussion for a potential Amendment allowing the Magisterium to control legislative formatting standards through B.11… Thoughts?

I believe the recent Conclave JR addresses that at the moment. However, that in itself is currently in review by its own JR

True, and I think AMOM’s discussion renders this somewhat invalid so I table this.

Proposal has been tabled.