[PROPOSAL] Amendment to the Standing Orders of the Magisterium, Section IV (Voting Documentation)

Greetings Magisterium, in this thread I bring a small yet important proposal for our own present and future documentation and archiving processes. A few days ago, our voting procedure changed after this amendment and on January, we made our definitive move to the Discourse forums. Considering the effects this move has had over our oldest threads and posts, and taking in account the unpredictability of the Internet, it is possible that, in the future, the poll system we are using now is not usable or visible anymore due to coding issues. Thus, we need to make sure the Magisterium’s votes are correctly documented wherever our forums are hosted.

Our Provost @CyberiumShadow is currently working on some sheets for voting records, which would include Magister names and records from each of their votes. We can codify this procedure in the SoM, together with the requirement to post a screenshot of the poll results in the voting closure post. With this double procedure, we would ensure that all votes are well documented and any data loss would be unlikely.

Following all of the above, below you can find this amendment’s changes. As usual, they will be open to discussion and must be considered a draft until they’re moved to vote.


…4.5. When a Bill has passed, the Provost or Deputy Provost shall then:
…4.5.1. Notify the Delegate in the appropriate thread if it is an Act or amendment of such.
…4.5.2. Notify the Conclave in the appropriate thread if it is a Concordat amendment.
…4.5.3. Close the voting thread with a written post detailing each Magister’s vote. Such post shall include, when possible, an image of the final poll results.

…4.10. A voting record from each Magisterium shall be publicly available in a forum thread.


I think this is a very important amendment to have. For 4.5.3, though, I would word it differently, saying:

" . . . containing some form of documentation detailing the voters and final result, such as an image of the final poll results."

This, I think, clarifies what the amendment means about “at least”. It opens the door for more in-depth documentation, but suggests/validates the default form of a screenshot of the poll. I also said image instead of screenshot because screenshot isn’t as official/formal/legal IMO. Like it’d probably need a definition somewhere.

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Big smart. However, “A voting record from each legislature” is incorrect; legislature = noun = Magisterium; should be “a record from each vote of the Magisterium” or something to that effect, if I’m understanding the intention correctly. Something else: if we lose our attached images again, we lose the record. We should establish a standard of the Provost writing down all names whose votes were cast in favor, against, and abstaining.

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I thought maybe “each legislature” referred to like the 118th Magisterium or whatever (idek the number, i think 118 is the current congress tho), so like in each election, a record of all the votes is published? functionally the same as just posting each vote tho i think.


I’m unsure about this. I’m proposing screenshots so there is an irrefutable evidence of each vote, but I guess already introducing a double way to validate could maybe be enough. I like the “image” wording, though.

A pity I haven’t read this post earlier, while responding to Aiv. We do have a risk of loosing attachments, so I’m inclined to include the written format too, yes. Something on the lines of Aiv’s wording for 4.5.3 earlier:

“Close the voting thread with a written post detailing each Magister’s stance on the vote. Such post shall include, when possible, an image of the final poll results.”

Tell me about this and, if you all consider so, I will modify the original proposal with the above.

This is what I meant, yes. A record from each “Magisterium”. It’s the model Cyber is working on. Having records per vote and per Magisterium is desirable imo, especially if we loose record from one of the two.

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The spreadsheet model I’m working on is styled directly from TSP’s.

So it’ll list all the votes that have occurred in the “Legislative History” tab, and then each additional tab will list the individual votes per month as well.

Thankfully, as our Magisterium runs on terms of 3 months each, it’s just a matter of changing the Magisterium label every 3 months.

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I think that works for me.

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I motion this to vote.

I second the motion to vote

How did I miss this one…?

Vote concluded here: [A-2023-25] SoM Amendment - Voting Documentation