Protecting Personal Data

The World Assembly,
Appalled by the lack of a resolution regarding data protection;
Recognising the individuals’ right to privacy;
Believing that businesses should not be able to collect data from a customer without the explicit consent of that customer as this is clearly a violation of the right to privacy;
Noting that minors are not fully mentally mature and are not capable of taking decisions on their own without the help of their guardians;
Seeking to protect customers from exploitation by businesses;

  1. Defines the following for the purpose of this resolution:

  2. A “Minor” as any sapient being under the age of majority;

  3. A “Guardian” as any legal guardian of a minor, or if none exist, the biological parent;

  4. “Personal Data” as any data that can be used to identify a sapient individual;

  5. A “User” as any sapient being who uses or has used the services of a business;

  6. Prohibits:

  7. Businesses from storing the personal data of any minor without the explicit consent of their guardian except when the business cannot identify the user’s age;

  8. Businesses from using personal data collected from any individual to cause harm or severe distress to the individual the data belongs to;

  9. Governments of member states from viewing the data of a user without the explicit prior consent from both the business holding the data and the user that the data belongs to, except when the information is needed for a criminal investigation or trial and a search warrant has been issued;

  10. Mandates that:

  11. Businesses provide explicit information on how they will use a user’s data in their terms of service;

  12. Businesses enable users to view the data that the aforementioned business holds on them unless the release of data would compromise the well-being of the user or others;

  13. Personal data processed for any purpose is not kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose unless the user consents to that explicitly and clearly;

  14. Businesses allow users to request the removal of their personal data, and act upon these requests unless there is a clear and very compelling safety or disciplinary reason to do otherwise;

  15. Requires that member states make a private right of action against businesses that don’t follow the boundaries established in this resolution;

  16. Encourages member states to enact stricter laws to protect their citizens’ privacy from businesses.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Protecting Personal Data was passed 9,867 votes to 6,438.