Puella Magika EPSA TBH-ka: The Adventures of Aivintis the Idol Girl

Once upon a time, Aivintis had a dream. A dream to be the greatest anime idol girl Nationstates had ever seen. To achieve this goal however, he needs friends to help out. Suddenly, The Idol Hawks and the Shiny Smiley Eastern Army appeared, and gave Aiv their power! With their help, Aivintis travelled through Nationstates, searching through dead regions and painted them with colors!
At the end of their journey, Aiv found that the power of an idol was the friendships he made along the way, and returned that power to his friends at TBH and EPSA. And they all lived happily ever after, until the inevitable Betrayal arc where Aiv gets mind broken because a friend of his decided to go evil. Idk man idol animes nowadays are weird.

…I just realized that I wrote it so that Aivintis is an Idol, not a Magical girl. Huh.
LTN Lucklife (Trigger)
CPL River
CPL Catopine
PFC Ravall
Gold General Vor
Silver General Zukchiva
Knight Halleyscomet08
Lance Cyberstrom
Pawn Astro