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Allen Gordon Wins Reelection, Promises Stability

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, after a rousing election season Allen Gordon of the Union Party takes seventy-three percent of the vote firmly defeating his opponents and winning him another six year term as President of our Republic. Election day celebrations took place on the Boulevard of the Union as the all branches of the armed forces marched for the annual election day review afterward the All female branch of the Home Ranger youth scouting organization took to the streets playing celebratory music, took part in a flag raising ceremony and presented the President with the Home Rangers flag as a gift for his successful oversight of the country. After the review and other celebrations Allen Gordon retook the oath of office and gave a speech where he reiterated his campaign promises of further economic development and a promise to his people to make Allegheny a force for stabilization on the continent. For those who missed our live broadcast we shall play it once again.

“My People it is with a happy heart that I come here today to once again be sworn in as your President, it was great relief that so many of you saw the actions of my administration worth continuing for another six years. It is my promise to you to keep on pushing forward, to keep Allegheny at the forefront of history. Today there are many nations that threaten the stability of our nation, of our continent. They thirst for blood and land. Right now Vekaiyu throws it’s weight upon the Listonian, Vodrak slaughters it’s way through the innocent in a grab for land, it seems like the Bai Lungese have a coup every other day. Meanwhile we stand as a beacon of stability and safety; we are part of a very small number of nations who can claim that. Do not fear these tyrants dear people for one day we shall strike them down, we shall bring peace to their downtrodden citizens and we will make them know that Allegheny is not to be trifled with, we will make them know to stand aside as we bring peace to this world. Stand tall my people, let your voice be heard to them, tell them that they will not strike fear in your heart, that they will not destroy your country with their petty squabbles. With me as your executive I shall carry out your whim upon these threats to stability with an unerring hand.”

The short speech, which is common from President Gordon who has been known for his distaste for long unending speeches was met with unanimous applause by the crowd of over a million people who had come to see him retake the oath of office.

In Other News

Concordance Industries stocks rise sharply as the Senate authorizes the ‘Recycle Military Bill’ which will give limb augmentations and other augmentations to wounded soldiers who wish to reenter the service. Concordance Industries also purchased a majority of Serenitech Medical’s Alleghenian holdings reducing Serenitech’s footprint in Allegheny by almost eighty percent.

Popular Heavy Metal band Slippy Fist releases new album called Fist Harder. It is reported that music stores sold half a million albums in one day.


Senate Vote Creates Office of Transhuman Affairs

This is the RABC Home services, here is the news. The Senate voted overwhelmingly to create a new government office which shall oversee the issues of Transhumanism and Mechanical Augmentation. With the rise of augmentation technology created by Concordance Biotechnic being adopted by the military and by civilians across Allegheny the government has seen it necessary to make sure there is a organization that is impartial to oversee the ethics, control and legality of the rapidly advancing augmentation technology. The office shall also hear the arguments of anti-augmentation groups which have begun to form and have already held several protests outside Concordance Tower in the city of Drexel. Senators who have been selected to be elected to the office have told us that one of the biggest issues that will come up in it’s investigations is the issues of how safe it will be to allow Concordance to keep it’s monopoly over augmentation in Allegheny and especially it’s monopoly over once monthly anti-rejection drugs needed to keep the body from rejecting the addition of machines to a person’s body.

Concordance CEO and Founder Doctor Leslie Houseman had this to say about the new Office of Transhuman Affairs: “We are happy to see that the government has created this new impartial office and we are willing to work with it to make sure that augmentation technology pioneered by Concordance Biotechnic is safe for all Alleghenians to use for years to come.”

In Other News

-Policy makers in Pittsburgh claim extreme cooling of Vulshanian - Alleghenian relations is due to recent imperialist obstructionism in the Gulf of Itur over Listonia. They report President Gordon is extremely unhappy with how things have turned out and has allegedly contacted Vekaiyu and quote “Told them to keep their filthy dogs on a tighter leash.” The Offices of the Executive have denied the allegation and told us that President Gordon has not been in contact with Vekaiyu for a long time now.

-Industrial centers in East Allegheny have been the site of several Vulpine demonstrations as they threaten to strike over extremely poor working conditions and a massive Human - Vulpine wage gap. Police forces in the east cities have given the demonstrators one day to disperse and return to work or prepare to be forcibly removed. The demonstrators have shown no signs of leaving.

-Military recruitment numbers have gone up a slight ten percent due to the passage of the Recycle Military Bill. Recruitment numbers are expected to continue to rise.

This transcription of the RABC Home Services Broadcast of June 3rd has been brought to you by Concordance Industries - Building Better Humans.


Shots Fired In Carnegie, 453 Dead.

This is the RABC Home Services, here is the news. After a disperse order was issued yesterday by Metropolitan Police Services in the cities of Braddock, Clairton, Firestone, Mifflin, Carnegie and Ashefield police began marching on Vulpine demonstrators protesting poor working conditions and a wage gap. Many of these gatherings left peacefully after seeing the Metropolitan Police Services of these cities come out in force, however in Ashefield Vulpine protestors who were marching outside the Ashley Extraction Corporation’s headquarters fired upon police and generally became violent. Three police officers were killed in the volley and the Metro Police forces returned fire with automatic weapons. A battle ensued between the police and protestors and when all was said and done the protestor’s forces had been decimated. Twenty police officers were eventually killed in addition to the first three, fifty were injured and sent to Ashefield General hospital, these officers range from critical to fair condition. The Twentieth Infantry Regiment was called in from Fort Owl nearby to help secure Ashefield and the city has now been placed under a strict curfew of 7PM. Gatherings of three or more vulpines in public spaces are now temporarily illegal until local city governments can make sure there will be no more protests or attempted uprisings. Heavy Industrial companies across East Allegheny show no signs of making working conditions better for vulpines or increasing wages and have commended the Metro Police of Ashefield for putting down the quote ‘Flea-bitten upstarts’ before any damage could be done. No Comment has come out of Pittsburgh as of yet.

In Other News.

-Cities across Allegheny prepare for Unification Day celebrations. Red armband distribution has begun.

-The Second Army under General Redgrave was reviewed by Supreme Commander Cassandra Phillips today. The Second Army will be deployed into Tasselvalta for a humanitarian nation building mission.

-Rock group Slippyfist begins it’s tour of Allegheny in Elyse today.

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Allegheny Recognizes South Tasselvaltan State, North Tasselvalta Under Alleghenian Control

This is the RABC Home Services, here is the news. After successful negotiation with the Packilvanian Empire, Tasselvalta has been split into two states. The North under Alleghenian control and the South recognized as a Packilvanian Vassal State. Yesterday the Second Army under the command of General Laurence Redgrave set out to secure Allegheny’s newest territory and to deliver much needed humanitarian supplies to the severely downtrodden people of Tasselvalta. These events signal a new Alleghenian relationship with the Packilvanian Empire as old policies of containment now shift to one of cooperation and coexistence. Stock in construction companies went up in anticipation of a large number of government contracts in the foreseeable future.

In Other News

  • The first annual Create - Innovate - Design Conference is scheduled to take place in Drexel later this month. Doctor Leslie Houseman is scheduled to be the Keynote speaker, speakers from around the world are also rumored to have been invited. We expect to know more as the conference nears.

  • Slippyfist’s song “Demons of Metal” reaches number one on RABC Music Radio’s Top 100

  • Riots in East Allegheny’s industrial centers over the killing of Vulpine protestors have ended as the Twentieth Infantry Regiment makes mass arrests. The rioters will most likely deported rather than executed.

This transcription of the RABC Home Services Broadcast of June 15th has been brought to you by the Ashley Extraction Corporation.