Radiological Terrorism

The General Assembly,

Reaffirming the right of member nations to defend themselves with a well equipped military,

Understanding, however, that radiological weapons serve no practical or effective military purpose, and that such weapons are more suitable for the goals of pariah states and terrorist groups,

Believing that banning such weapons will be conducive to international peace,

And to this end resolves;

  1. “Radiological weapon” shall be defined as any conventional weapon designed or intended to spread radiological substances; furthermore, “radiological substance” shall be defined as any radioactive material with the capacity to be used in the construction of a radiological weapon;

  2. Member nations shall be prohibited from constructing, developing, or possessing radiological weapons under any circumstances; the transfer of such weapons between a member nation and another party shall also be prohibited, excepting instances where the transfer is for the purpose of decommissioning said weapons;

  3. Member nations shall take all measures practical and necessary to prohibit the transfer or sale of radiological substances from within their nation to another party if there is reasonable suspicion that such a party may intend on contravening the provisions and intent of this resolution;

  4. The use of radiological weapons shall be prohibited under all circumstances;

  5. The World Assembly Disaster Bureau shall have its mandate expanded to include the following:

a. Assisting in the process of decommissioning radiological weapons, at the request of member nations, and to facilitate and oversee the transfer of radiological weapons from member nations that lack the technological capabilities necessary to decommission such weapons to member nations that do possess such capabilities,

b. Assisting member nations in recovering from the consequences of a radiological attack,

c. Liaising with member nations, when appropriate, to develop response plans in case of a radiological attack which may include, but shall not be limited to, procedures for evacuation and decontamination and training disaster relief and response personnel;

  1. Member nations shall be required to monitor and review activities within their jurisdiction when there is reason to suspect that such activities will result in the misuse of radiological weapons and shall further be required to apprehend such activities using all means necessary and practical;

  2. Nothing in this resolution shall be construed as placing any limitations on the possession, development, or use of nuclear weapons.