Raven OOC

Now for those who can’t remember, Dannistaan has a bunch of mechs called Armored Cores. Now, before any of you cry foul and go “zOMG!!11!! Ubertech! Dann is cheating etc,” I remind you that it has been referenced before. Also the mechs are based as best as I can on the extremes of existing day technology over futuristic ones. I ask you to check out this Armored Core - Wikipedia if you need a refresher on the mechs themselves and the franchise of games I’ve based mine on.

The RP thread itself came about as an idea while I was watching one of the Gundam SEED films. Although entertaining it annoyed me a bit that the mechs seemed so overpowered so I wondered how would real world warfare be conducted in a mech if they did exist.

If you want to get involved either as a member of the Dannistrian Army or a civilian or otherwise please post here. I will post further details on the nuances of the Dannistrian Armored Core mech as I get further along.

Armored Cores?

OMG!!11!! Ubertech! Dann is cheating!

uh… sorry. Just finished reading the post! :stuck_out_tongue: