Read First: Design Services FAQ

From 2003 - 2005 @Infinite_Loop ran the NS Flag Service on the NationStates Forum but only took requests on this forum. During his tenure as the chief NS flag artisan he made thousands of flags for anyone and everyone. It was briefly revived in 2009 until it was archived in 2011/2012. While Loop is no longer active with us, it was decided to revive the NS Flag Service for the TEP Evolved as we shift to a more open roleplay concept, and it becomes the roleplay community supported design service based on this forum to keep with tradition.

Who Are the Designers & What’s Their Specialty plus Examples of Work


If anyone would like a flag (or banner, avatar, other quick graphic work), then I will give it a try.


I can offer my skills in crafting flags and polandballs

Examples of Work:

East Malaysia

200px by 200px Logos for NSwiki company articles. Can do flags but prefers not to. Has basic map making skills with GIMP. Also I have Adobe Spark.

Examples of Work: (blank template provided, I filled in everything else)


@Ember I can do maps, flags, emblems, and more! My specialties are statistics and deep nation building, and I’m on the cartography team who helps keep the charts of Urth current! My discord is LadyFox#3616, shoot me a message!

Examples of Work:
My national budget
My national map
A gif for our Cartography Team
My NSWiki page

If you are interested in being a designer then please contact Em via PM, on Discord or by creating a thread in this forum.

Guidelines & Etiquette We Follow for Flag Creation + Design Services

To make the rules simple, we follow the NationStates Etiquette, for all flag and design services.

Ownership / Licensing


Anything I make, I own.

By default I grant the requestor a non-revocable individual licence to make personal use of the artwork, and to sub-grant display rights to non-commercial web sites.
They specifically may not re-post it to any web site which claims ownership, watermarks or modifies images, and/or sells products which encapsulate uploaded content.

On request, I will consider allowing a CC-BY-SA-NC release, but that is the widest permission I will allow, and only if explicitly requested and granted.

(If this is not acceptable, please indicate in your request that you want ownership so I don’t waste time on it.
If I somehow miss that and do make something, then the above applies regardless.)

How to Make a Request

To make a request for a flag or design then please create a new thread in #urth-behind-the-scenes:design-services. If you have a personal preference of a designer then please @ them in your thread so they get a notification; if no one is specified you could get multiple designs depending on your request. We ask that you be as specific as possible in your requests and if you have a specific color(s) you want then please use a website like color-hex to provide the color code or by picking a palette of colors to use. The more details you provide will greatly help the designers make your perfect flag or design.