Realm Central News Agency (RCNA)


Realm Central News Agency or Mirhaimian News Agency (commonly referred to as Sinfa; Stanyish: Truth) is the national broadcaster of Mirhaime based in the National Broadcasting House in the Duchy of Karsac. It operates more than 30 foreign bureaux worldwide and maintains 38 bureaux in Mirhaime — one for each regional capital and state/governorate, including 6 in Novaris. The current General Director of Sinfa is Jatan Abban Karsan nar Ladhan.

With more than 60 media products made by more than 1,000 reporters and editors out of the over-2,300-strong staff, it is the press agency with the largest number of information products and forms in Mirhaime, from source news in the forms of text, photo, television, infographics, and audio to publications such as dailies, weeklies, magazines, pictorials, books, e-newspapers, websites, online and print newspapers, and information on mobile platforms and social networks, among others. It publishes in several languages, besides Fefsen, including (but not limited to) Vesienvällic, Staynish, Volscine, Packilvanian, Asendavian, Ethalrian, Alsaayqayidu, Xuhari, Haqmi, and more. Sinfa also boasts bilateral and multilateral partnerships with more than 40 news agencies and large international media organizations.

The predecessor to Sinfa was the Confederate Truth, founded following the incorporation of Varaus into the Trinterian Confederacy in 1634. For the duration of the Second War of Unification, Sinfa grew in prominence as the first Mirhaimian newspaper agency to fully realize the technique of printing, allowing papers written with news of developments on the front to be spread far and wide at reasonable profits and convenience; it also had the effect of contributing to the morale. Following the signing of the Treaty of Daemir and the subsequent establishment of the Federation of the Mirhaimian Realm, The Confederate Truth was reorganized into the Realm Papers as a statutory corporation though the nickname “Sinfa” remained.

In November 1920, the Kyrmirau Wireless Telegraph Company’s equipment testing center in Karsac broadcast the first live public radio broadcast in Mirhaime. Sinfa sponsored the program which featured a half-hour-long news report of events around Loren and Ymirodraeth by Aeron Gersi Deryon who later became Sinfa’s General Director. The broadcast is most significant for its substantial contributions to the eventual development of Sinfa’s radio subdivision - a stepping stone towards its future transformation - having captured the population’s attention and influenced public attitudes regarding the introduction of radio broadcasts.

With the appointment of the newly-made-Marheg Aeron Gersi Deryon nar Karsac to the post of Director General in June of 1922, one the most transitional periods in Sinfa’s modern history began. An intensely moralistic executive, Deryon appealed for more authority in her position. Her vision for Sinfa was for it to broadcast “everything that is best in every domain of knowledge, endeavor, and achievement” with the preservation of a “high moral tone” being of “essential significance”.

In such an endeavor, Deryon succeeded in establishing a system capable of standing up against the free-for-all radio systems of her time. The primary goal was to attract the largest audiences and thereby secure the greatest advertising revenue. However, in the wake of the political crisis of the 1920s, the system of impartial and balanced news and journalism established as the ethos of Sinfa under Deryon’s directorship was threatened by an increasingly impatient Meradhas Administration. However, against the skepticism that surrounded her and her department, Deryon successfully argued that trust in the establishment could be gained far more effectively via this impartiality than propaganda. Having emerged from the crisis larger than it was before, Sinfa cemented for itself a national audience with trust in its broadcasting. This success was followed soon after by a decision made early into the Keras Committee (1925-1930) to reorganize Sinfa under the official denomination of the Realm Central News Agency with Sinfa remaining as the Agency’s brand name.

In the following decades, many services from Sinfa were formed, paralleling the rapid pace of technological progress from the Television Service in 1942 to the Digital Information Service (DIS) in 1995. Sinfa has played a prominent role in the development of Mirhaimain culture and added to lifestyles of the various different eras which it had existed through.


The Queen of Styles: An Interview with Gansyn Lothar.

Visuals are important when it comes to fashion, and those visuals may end up defining how we view ourselves and how others view us. Therefore, it makes sense that many readers, whether fashion enthusiasts or casual readers rely on social media sites like Mousan, Mizou, and Pigeon as well as fashion blogs to satisfy their needs. Among the most well-known bloggers in Mirhaime, Gansyn Lothar has clearly cemented her status as an icon in the blogging community. She has the power to influence current fashion trends, particularly those of young people who closely follow her work and comments. Much to the excitement of us Sinfa Teadh, Gansyn Lothar had agreed to join us for an interview!

Here we’ve prepared for her a few of the hottest questions suggested to us by fans online. Come along with us today and see for yourself what the Queen of Styles herself has to say.

Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

“I’m Gansyn Lothar, you may know me as Ganna. I’m the author of ‘ganna’s closet secrets’, one of, if not the top Mirhamian fashion blogs. I am a student currently, but I have previously partaken in mandatory military service.”

We here at Sinfa understand that you are, by far, the largest fashion blogger on Mousan and Mizou in terms of follower count - I follow you on Mousan as well. We’re dying to learn what led you to start a fashion blog in the first place?
Was there anyone you found inspiration from?

“Hmmm… Honestly? I don’t think I know. I was just reading a magazine in my campus’ cafe when I thought ‘Hey, not a lot of people read physical copies of magazines anymore, why not make a blog summarizing every single fashion event and trend going on in Mirhaime? It would be easier to catch up if I posted regularly!’ So I did! I never really expected to get this big, and when I post something ‘being the thing’, the next day, I’d see people in what I say is trendy, which is surprising, like, I literally have so much power over the Mirhamian fashion scene, and then I was like, what? 18?”

Truly astounding to know how much you’ve come since then. Another question we’d like to ask is that: How would you describe your own personal style?

“Hmmm… I would say that it’s VERY pink? I take queues from my Usoan heritage and the more industrial style of Loren. I have a lot of fairy-themed jewelry, too. I also have a more ‘summery’ style if that makes sense, like, very beach city. Can I say slutty? Because some people think such! And that’s because I don’t always wear a bra when I go out, like, what’s wrong with that?”

We’d also like to learn what do spend a lot of your money on and we’re curious as to whether or not shops and advertisers send you samples of their goods to feature.

“Oh! I spend most of it on clothing, if not paying for bills or necessities, as one does. And yes, a lot of brands send me samples of their products so I could feature them if I liked them, which I usually do! Mirhaime has quality local brands and I always support and urge others to support them too, because it’s so important.”

You have a lot of followers on your blog how did you do this? Was there ever a time when you had say only one follower? How did you get more?

“Hmmm… yes, I did start from nothing, but I grew because of my friends and my fellow comrades in military service who spread the word of my blog, it grew and grew from there. I would like to say connections and just putting myself out there, which I am lucky enough to do as I know that there are people who have a hard time doing so.”

Once you’ve got the followers how do you keep them?

“By being active. I lost a lot of followers during my military service because I wasn’t able to post frequently…” She paused for a bit, “…and I still get the anxiety and pressure to post regularly because I fear that I might lose the followers I worked hard for”

We’ve seen quite a lot of your own personal photos online and all of them look amazing. We’d also like to know who does your amazing photography.
Do you do them yourself or do you have help from someone?

“It’s a mix of both, actually! Sometimes my photos are professionally taken, or taken by friends, or by me! I only sped on photographers if I need to, like, photoshoots and stuff, but other than that, it’s just a lot of work on making sure the photos look good!”

What do you love about blogging overall?
And with that, what would you say is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?
And do you have any tips for anyone wanting to start a fashion blog or website like that of your own?

“It’s fun! It gives me something to do at the end of the day to give me that relief of being able to rest in bed. I enjoy sharing my passion with the world, and you should, too.”
“It’s consistency; in every blog, you have to post regularly, and sometimes that’s a challenge, especially if you have a tight schedule. You can get VERY burnt out.”
“Do it! Honey, you’re going to spend most of your evenings reviewing your post before publishing it, and that can wear you out, so please take care of yourself. Also! You need to do a lot of research. It’s a time-consuming process, but the love and support I get from the community are worth it!”

As a final question. Where do you see your blog in the next five years?

Probably where it is now. I do believe I’ve gone far enough in my journey. I’m one of if not the biggest Mirhamian fashion blogger, and I’m going international, what else can I ask for?

Thank you so much for having agreed to do this interview with us today and providing us with these amazing answers!

And there you have it folks!
The Queen of Styles, Gansyn Lothar!



Lewydh Alane Karais’ Ascension

Everything that you need to know

Yet still fresh in the memories of the Mirhaimian Realm are memories of the last ascension to the Marghal Throne which took place only 5 years ago in 2040 (2017 CE) and saw nationwide celebrations and crowds upon crowds of jubilant citizens lining the streets of the capital to celebrate Lewydh Anrah Kairas’ official crowning. Indeed, an atmosphere of celebration came to be as it does now when all households and public spaces overwhelmed with the colors of Ansan Glories turned into grounds for celebration.

With election results finally acknowledged by all branches of the government, all Grand Dominions look on with great excitement and enthusiasm as the Marghal Throne prepares to greet the arrival of its newest occupier and the Federation its newest leader.

Her Imperial Majesty, Lewydh of the Mirhaimian Realm, Alane Gersi Kairas nar Vymir.

Though the event is of utmost national importance, Empire Hill has been sure to share with the public plenty of information about the event, inspiring us to prepare ourselves for the festivities. Sharing with the nation this spirit, Sinfa has compiled all of the information that you, a citizen, need to know!

When is Lewydh Alane Kairas’ Ascension?

As per traditions, the ascension will be set to be on September 2 - the date when our first Lewydh, whose distant ancestry our newest could claim heritage ascended to the throne. The venue, as per traditions as well, would be the Tasidarah of Empress Yeheskha the Greatwhich had acted as the setting for all events of this kind for the past one thousand years.

Who will be at Lewydh Alane Kairas’ ascension?

Though Cemisfael Palace had yet to reveal a guest list, undoubted is the participation of the Lewydh’s family, and dignitaries including, representatives from the Saekari, members of the Glaithonist Commission, as well as foreign leaders, invited to attend the occasion. members of the Church and politicians from around the world.

What are the coronation plans as the week goes on?

With a mandated three days of celebration and an additional two days of bank, the festivities are expected to last until Tuesday of the following week and begin on Friday. Besides the Imperial Common Feast to be held across Ymirodraeth, thousands of events held by private citizens are expected to take place. Here are what you could expect within the five-day-long festivities:

Friday, September 2

Her Imperial Majesty, Lewydh Alane Karais’ will begin her procession beginning at the Cemisfael Palace and arrive at the nearby Tasidarah of Empress Yeheskha the Great for the ceremony to officially begin. There, under the watchful eyes of the Gods and the proceedings conducted by the Ecuminal Matriarch of Ymirodraeth, she is to take the oath and profess her undying commitment and receive the Saber of Brynmawyr, the Sceptre of Tredgar and the Mark of Abhaile. During the service, the Ecuminal Matriarch will place the crown on the Lewydh’s head.

The Tasidarah of Empress Yeheskha the Great. Courtesy of Na-Po.

After the ceremony had concluded, she is to return to the Cemisfael Palace to lead a larger ceremony where she will be joined by her family and other important figures who will accompany her till the day’s ceremonial events have concluded.

Saturday, September 3

On the second day of the celebrations, a concert will take place at the Daemir Theater which will be broadcasted live on all services affiliated with Sinfa as well as other networks. The concert will see the participation of musicians and artists perform on stage with an accompanying ensemble from the Amaranthine Guards’ Orchestra who will chief an orchestral performance and choir.

If members of the public wish to attend the concert, they would have to go through a registration process on Daemir Theater’s Official Website ( With luck, you as well as thousands of others will then be selected and be provided with tickets to attend without required payments.

The end of the concert marks the beginning of the Ymirodraeic Common Feast, a long-running tradition where banquets are served freely to the population of the city with accompanying festivities. If you are looking to have fun, learn more about local culture, or simply pack food for the next week, feel free to participate!

Members of the public during the 2017 Ymirodraeic Common Feast.

Sunday, September 3

Though Sunday sees the end of the official celebrations – though not the bank holiday – events are still scheduled to go ahead, namely the beginning of a visit with families and communities across all Grand Dominions and charitable events which will mark the start of Ascendancy in the spirit of goodwill and solidarity.