Record of Forum Roleplay-specific EPNS Articles

The Forum Roleplay Officer or the Deputy Forum Roleplay Officer(s) has a duty of care to record all of the published articles from Forum Roleplay to the East Pacific News Service (EPNS). For each period between major publishing (not article-by-article publishing) the Forum Roleplay Officer should open up a new post to this thread, titled appropriately as seen below, with a date the period began; and each time a new article is published within that period they must record as a new line within the post, with a link to the EPNS article, the date it was published and a note of the RP Department Member (or other) who edited it (see below).

**Period starting DAY MONTH YEAR**


This thread is useful for two purposes; looking back on old articles (keeping an archive), and it is useful for [REDACTED] (cant reveal this yet) ;p