Repeal "Commend Tiago Silva"

The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING the contribution of The Logic of Tiago Silva to the world by universally improving the quality of national flags in 2011,

NOTING that this contribution is the only undertaking celebrated by the commendation in question, which is composed of only three short statements,

REALIZING that although the efforts of Tiago Silva are appreciated, under no circumstances can they be considered “brave” as described by SC#43,

UNDERWHELMED by the overall lack of additional substance beyond the flag improvement presented in the resolution,

OBSERVING that the same type of work done by Tiago Silva has been popular amongst the artists of the world for many years, and flags of similar quality to those produced by the commended nation are routinely produced by others without the same recognition by the Security Council,

BELIEVING that the standards of the World Assembly are much higher than the quality of SC#43 and that a nation should have a history of honorable contributions to the world to be included in a commendation by this body,

HEREBY REPEALS SC#43, “Commend Tiago Silva”.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Commend Tiago Silva” was passed 11,386 votes to 1,641.