Repeal "Condemn Greater Tezdrian"

The Security Council,

Accepting that the nation of Greater Tezdrian was among the worst offenders among a group of slave trading nations,

Observing, however, that Greater Tezdrian has long since disappeared from the international stage, and its efforts in slave trading were a distant memory before that disappearance,

Understanding that the nation of Greater Tezdrian has fallen into ruin since the passage of SC#20,

Believing that the nation of Greater Tezdrian no longer poses any threat to the international community,

Noting that the condemnation was meant to show the outrage of the international community towards slave trading,

Accepting, however, that the peoples of Former Greater Tezdrian deserve to be free from both the yoke of oppression and the shadows of their former servitude,

Cognizant that SC#20 serves as a reminder to those peoples of their former status,

Bemoaning SC#20 as a relic of a bygone era, which has little importance in this modern age,

Seeking to free those former slaves of this stigma,

Hereby repeals “Condemn Greater Tezdrian”.