Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders"

The Security Council,

Cognizant of Security Council Resolution #127 passed Dec 27 2013 in response to their heinous actions against Regions and their citizenry all across NationStates.

Noting that due to the expulsion of the founder of The Black Riders; it has since been transformed into a free region and no longer poses a threat to the NationStates community.

Believes that the new government deserves an opportunity to make their own impressions on The World, and the current Condemnation makes that problematic in their efforts to close this dark chapter in the region’s history.

Wishing to grant them the full opportunity to re-intergrate into the global community by granting them a clean slate.

Additonally observing and respecting their right to self-determination and their desire to be free from the stigmas imposed by the Condemnation and the old regime.

REPEALS Security Council Resolution #127 “Condemn The Black Riders”

“Repeal “Condemn The Black Riders”” was defeated 10,831 votes to 2,898.