Repeal: “Data Protection Accord”

General Assembly Resolution #481 “Data Protection Accord” (Category: Regulation; Area of Effect: Consumer Protection) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
The World Assembly,
Understanding the need to protect an individual’s right to privacy,
Concerned about the broad definition of “organization” in Section 1, Clause A, which has too broad of a scope and may limit the ability of small organizations to properly run websites given their lack of resources,
Aware of the fact that Section 2, Clause B, may limit the ability of websites to use advertisements to generate revenue for the operation of the website and organization,
Noting that Section 2, Clause B, violates the sovereignty of member states in limiting their ability to conduct searches and monitoring,
Believing that Section 3, Clause B, is often impractical for businesses to do,
Also believing Section 3, Clause C, is impractical in dealing with disciplinary actions that occurs after the data is removed once the user ceases to be a member of the organization.
Noticing that Section 3, Clause G, is vague in terms of what measures is considered “reasonable”,
Believing the national sovereignty of nations ought to be respected and that unnecessary and harmful regulation of the Internet needs to halted,
Hereby repeals GA #481 “Data Protection Accord”.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Repeal “Data Protection Accord”” was defeated 20,952 votes to 3,413.