Repeal: “defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities”

General Assembly Resolution #457 “defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities” (Category: Civil Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
The General Assembly:
Fully acknowledging the importance of providing specific protections to Sexual and Gender Minorities,
Asserts that recently passed legislation GA #457 Defending the Rights of Sexual and Gender Minorities (DRSGM) must be repealed due to critical flaws that bring about significant legal paradoxes for nations.
Of specific concern is DRSGM’s Clause 5, which states “…that religious organizations and their internal discrimination do not fall under this resolution and should be addressed by future legislation.”
This Assembly believes that the silence from this legislation, as it relates to this ideological group, can be readily interpreted as a de facto exemption from the mandates and penalties of this legislation, while all others must comply.
This is alarming, given previous World Assembly law requiring, as a cornerstone of human rights, that all inhabitants of member states be treated equally under the law.
Noting several troubling and untenable paradoxes for nations, that result from DRSGM:
• Nations are mandated to impose rules and penalties on some organizations within their borders, while provided no strength through this law to apply those rules and penalties, equally, to others.
• Without the legal ability to hold all organizations to exactly equal account, it becomes impossible for nations to adhere to clause 2 of DRSGM, which states “…that every member nation must grant exactly the same rights, powers, permissions and services to individuals of all sexualities and genders, subject to exactly the same qualifying conditions…”.
This Assembly acknowledges the potential for these inequities under law to lead to civil unrest within nations, and to create an untenable burden on nations to both uphold DRSGM and simultaneously preserve the intended human right to civil equality under law.
Further, due to the precedent set by DRSGM, it is understood that any future legislation can now be tailored, through silence on specific ideological groups, to target some and not others, leaving open the potential for an unacceptable, multi-tiered system of law and human rights, applying inequitably across the spectrum of society.
The Assembly concludes that the passage of DRSGM has revealed a critical flaw in WA jurisprudence that requires clarification, and,
Understands that, due to precedent, those clarifications can not legally be applied while DRSGM stands.
For these reasons, The General Assembly hereby repeals GA #457.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

“Repeal “defending the rights of sexual and gender minorities”” was defeated 11,740 votes to 4,088.