Repeal "Ethics in International Trade"

The General Assembly,

CONDEMNING the detrimental nature of internationally mandated protectionism on the world economy as imposed by GAR#118, “Ethics in International Trade,” especially considering the ineffective means by which the original resolutions seeks to accomplish its goals,

ALARMED that the World Assembly’s economic intervention may disrupt the value of goods based on traditional factors caused by competition and instead place monetary value in social and ethical issues,

CONCERNED that a company may fire workers, depriving them of what livelihood they had, in an attempt to offset the costs of the tariff, thus worsening the conditions of the very laborers that GAR#118 seeks to help,

REMINDING members nations of the obligations incumbent upon them to comply with extant World Assembly legislation which deals with issues of social justice and the fair treatment of workers (in greater detail than the conditions enumerated in clause 1b), such as GAR#4, “Restrictions on Child Labor,” GAR#7, “Workplace Safety Standards Act,” GAR#21, “Living Wage Act,” GAR#23, “Ban on Slavery and Trafficking,” GAR#43, “WA Labor Relations Act,” GAR#107, “Clean Water Act,” GAR#176, “Disability Welfare Act,” and GAR#234, “Freedom to Read and Learn,” and others,

CONFUSED as to the purpose of the wildly redundant and expensive system of assessment provided under the ITA’s mandate, considering the issues of clause 1b are eclipsed entirely by the aforementioned guarantees provided by the World Assembly,

CONSIDERING, with the foregoing obligations already incumbent on member nations in mind, that the ITA’s focus must be on non-member nations, despite not having the jurisdiction to properly assess the conditions of laborers in such nations, as they cannot be compelled to comply with investigations into their labor conditions by the World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING that non-member nations willing to submit to ITA investigation are likely to already have labor standards at least comparable to those stipulated in GAR#118, whereas non-member nations that refuse to allow investigation cannot be properly assessed anyway,

AWARE that the magnitude of information that the ITA would have to regularly assess regarding literally every product and commodity produced would inevitably result in inaccurate or inequitable rulings based on limited information,

DISPUTING the need for a bureaucracy mired by redundancy and superfluous procedures and whose mandate is crippled by its inability to properly perform its duties in non-member nations, making for a costly and thoroughly unworkable expense on member nations which benefits neither member nations, nor the workers that it seeks to aid,

ASSERTING that it is a duty of the World Assembly to facilitate worthwhile goals, such as promoting the economic well-being of member nations, not putting member nations at an economic disadvantage by instituting idealistic policies that serve as an active detriment to member nations,


REPEALS General Assembly Resolution #118, Ethics in International Trade.

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Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Ethics in International Trade” was passed 8,576 votes to 2,364.