Repeal "International Competition Law"

The World Assembly,

Cognizant of the intentions of GA#70 to reduce anti-competitive practices in the international market,

Admiring those intentions and lauding the efforts of the International Trade Administration,

Believing that the resolution in question has limited effectiveness, because it does not account for new or evolved anti-competitive practices,

Disappointed that the failure of foresight has led to the proliferation of many such practices worldwide,

Recognizing that the methods of regulation tasked to the International Trade Administration are excessively cumbersome,

Noting that the resolution seeks an international solution to the problems many national regulatory agencies face,

Understanding, however, that easing the burdens national regulatory agencies face in the pursuit of good business practices, rather than assuming those burdens, would be a preferable solution to those problems,

Believing that the World Assembly can work to ease those burdens and stop anti-competitive practices more easily without GA#70,

Hereby repeals GA#70.

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [Passed] Repeal "International Competition Law"

This resolution is now up fot vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “International Competition Law” was passed 10,951 votes to 1,634.