Repeal: “Military Identification Tag Act”

General Assembly Resolution #490 “Military Identification Tag Act” (Category: International Security; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
The World Assembly,
Admiring the goal of GAR#490, Military Identification Tag Act, in trying to reunite lost soldiers with their families and to reduce the number of unknown soldiers,
Noting, however, that information such as that required by the resolution can be detrimental to member nations soldiers if it falls into the hands of an enemy belligerent,
Worried that some member nations which may add potentially compromising information such as religion to military identification tags in an attempt to ensure the proper burial of deceased soldiers when in conflict with good-faith and generally benevolent actors will not have the resources or general competence to redistribute the military identification tags to each soldier, should they come into conflict with more nefarious belligerents who may use this compromising information in order to employ somewhat creative forms of torture - a condition that ultimately detracts from the basic rights that the General Assembly attempts to uphold,
Dismaying that, as a result of section 7, combatants taken as prisoners of war cannot destroy their military identification tags to protect themselves from the creative forms of torture that may arise from these tags without violating international law, hindering the ability for soldiers to take their livelihood under their own discretion,
Considering the fact that section 8 lacks proper protocols for when a military identification tag is considered decommissioned, which, depending on interpretation, may disallow the repurposing of military identification tags by any entity,
Disheartened that section 8 neglects to allow the families or friends of fallen soldiers to repurpose former tags to whatever they see fit for closure - neglecting the impact that the loss of a loved one to war and the need to lessen that impact through a variety of channels, and
Believing that these issues only go to show that no one-size-fits-all legislation can cover the issue of military identification tags for all nations adequately, hereby
Repeals GAR#490, “Military Identification Tag Act.”

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Military Identification Tag Act” was passed 13,289 votes to 3,283.