Repeal "Neutrality of Nations"


Repeal “Neutrality of Nations”
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#14

Proposed by: Sionis Prioratus

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #14: Neutrality of Nations (Category: Global Disarmament; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

REAFFIRMING that one of its roles is to promote world peace;

ACKNOWLEDGING that indeed “it is a right of any Nation that is uninvolved in a war to make a formal claim of Neutrality”;

FULLY ACKNOWLEDGING that there were good intentions behind “Neutrality of Nations” and that the vast majority of the Ambassadors and Delegates who voted for “Neutrality of Nations” did so thinking they were actually advancing the cause of world peace; hence:

DISMAYED that despite its name, GA #14 “Neutrality of Nations” does nothing to promote world peace, but does the exact opposite;

PERPLEXED that any nation may switch between “Neutral” and “Belligerent” at any time according to the terms of the Resolution, as their mood strikes them, without any penalties and without fear of acting in violation of international war conventions;

SHOCKED that section 3.a) states that any nation can have its claim of neutrality voided on the sole basis of indirect trade (which it may ultimately have no control over) of ill-defined “supplies”, such as “goods” and “personnel”, which can encompass basic humanitarian needs such as food, potable water, medical supplies and medical personnel;

OUTRAGED that GA #14 says, in relevant part:

“2. MANDATES that Belligerent Nations may not:
a) Invade or occupy a Neutral Nation during the said war, unless the World Assembly is convinced that doing so will actually improve world peace.”

SADLY NOTING that the conditions for “improv[ing] world peace” are not defined anywhere;

REALIZING the appalling potential for extreme abuse of this single clause; it gives “Belligerent Nations” unlimited power to invade or occupy any self-proclaimed neutral nation, merely by “convincing” the World Assembly that such a shameful act will “improve world peace”.

CONVINCED that such a state of uncertainty does create an international environment where war is even more probable, instead of creating peace;

THEREFORE, in the best interests of peace, THE WORLD ASSEMBLY REPEALS General Assembly Resolution #14.

I´m for because as an arms exporter, i believe that any need for global disarmament is greatly exaggerated :slight_smile: link to the threatened reso.

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Repeal “Neutrality of Nations” was passed 8,253 votes to 2,620.