Repeal "Nuclear Arms Possession Act"

The World Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGING that member nations have the right to defend themselves from external threats,

NOTING that numerous member nations possess, and use nuclear weapons in warfare,

REALIZING that member nations are also reluctant to surrender their ability to possess nuclear weapons,


RECALLING the passage of General Assembly resolution #292 which clearly states in clause 4 that "nothing in this resolution shall be interpreted as affecting the right of member nations to research or use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, nor denying members nations the right to possess or produce nuclear armaments via their own technological and manufacturing capacities.’

ALSO RECALLING General Assembly resolution #308 which states in clause three “Permits the usage of nuclear weapons in a reciprocal role should another hostile nation deliberately target civilian populations in defiance of this accord,” effectively rendering clause two moot,

NOTING that clause three states “REQUIRES that any nation choosing to possess nuclear weapons take every available precaution to ensure that their weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.”, yet fails to clearly define who those “wrong hands may be”,

RECOGNIZING clause two of General Assembly resolution #292 effectively closes the loophole in General Assembly resolution #10 clause #1 by stating “Requires member nations take all necessary precautions to ensure their nuclear materials, technology and information that have the potential for weaponization are fully secured against unauthorized release,” effectively making clause #1 of General Assembly resolution #10 moot as well,

CONFIDENT that since the passage of General Assembly resolutions #292, and #308, the subject of nuclear disarmament is effectively blocked, and therefore dead,

BELIEVING that the fatal flaw to clearly define “wrong hands” necessitates it repeal,

HEREBY repeals General Assembly resolution #10 “Nuclear Arms Possession Act”.

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This info is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.