Repeal "Nuclear Testing Safety"

The World Assembly,

Applauding the efforts of General Assembly Resolution #119 to protect the environment from harmful radioactive byproducts associated with nuclear testing,

Concerned clause #1 defines nuclear testing as " usage of a nuclear weapon for research purposes, that is not targeted to destroy or affect a civilian, military, or prisoner populace", thus allowing nations to circumvent this by testing nuclear weapons connected to an actual delivery system,

Confused that clause 2 states “BANS nuclear testing within the area between the edge of a populated celestial body’s atmosphere and twice the distance of geosychronous orbit - measured at the equator of said celestial body”, while failing to take into account the magnetosphere of a celestial body, which can trap highly dangerous high energy particles, creating dangerous radiation belts,

Disappointed in the lack of clear language and typos that make this resolution a travesty to international law,

Hoping the World Assembly passes clear and concise guidelines that actually prevent unaffiliated persons from being affected by nuclear testing in the future,

Hereby repeals “GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION # 119 Nuclear Testing Safety”.

Repeal “Nuclear Testing Safety” was passed 11,754 votes to 1,684.