Repeal: “Pesticide Regulations”

General Assembly Resolution #376 “Pesticide Regulations” (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: Agriculture) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The World Assembly,

Agreeing with the co-author of the original resolution, that rational nations take reasonable precautions, and therefore, without World Assembly mandate, will:

a. monitor pesticide use and environmental effects,

b. provide information and enforce regulations to prevent environmental contamination that could kill thousands of people if exposed to toxic levels,

c. establish effective product controls which provide enough information to pesticide buyers,

d. inform other nations of possible pesticide contamination of their territories, and

e. encourage the use of non-pesticide pest controls;

Perplexed that the co-author would support legislation which does nothing more than codify what nations have long already done, meaning it is not an international issue,

Pleased that the self-resolution of this issue means that there is no real need for this legislation to stay on the books and that any flaw is therefore justification for repeal, and

Concerned that the requirement in clause four to prevent pesticide runoff with such things as buffer zones, selective application, and avoidance of irrigation is fundamentally flawed, as:

a. sapient lives are better saved and protected through the eradication of disease-bearing pests which serve as a vector for person-to-person transmission,

b. eradication campaigns of insects will necessarily require large-scale and large-area administration of pesticides or run the risk of leaving a reservoir population,

c. making it harder for poor nations to cheaply pursue eradication campaigns is principally unjust, since the people affected on the cost margins are the most disadvantaged and those which the world community has the foremost obligation to protect, and

d. these restrictions greatly increases the difficulty of pest eradication, thereby preventing nations from reducing the incidence of pest-borne diseases like malaria, costing lives, implicitly killing people, and violating the principles upon which this Assembly was founded, while

e. it massively increases the chance of disease-bearing pests developing resistance to common pesticides, allowing surviving generations to adapt to exposure, making future eradication campaigns ever more difficult and costly, costing yet more lives; and

Believing that the multitude of different nations in the World Assembly means that the only fair way to balance between the lives saved from pesticide usage and its inherent chemical dangers is to allow nations to make that decision themselves, hereby

Repeals 376 GA Pesticide Regulations.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

“Repeal “Pesticide Regulations”” was discarded by the WA for rule violations after garnering 12,557 votes in favor and 5,684 votes against.

A first for me. :stuck_out_tongue: