Repeal "Preserving Antimicrobials"

The World Assembly,

Applauding the intentions of General Assembly Resolution #333 “Preserving Antimicrobials” to attempt to try and preserve the effectiveness of antimicrobials;

Detesting the inherent problems of convoluted overreaching legislation;

Concerned clause one which states “Instructs the World Health Authority to create a mechanism of monitoring the spread of antimicrobial resistance in all member nations and international zones or borders”, but fails to state as to how that mechanism will be created or administrated leading the the real possibility of gross overreach and fiduciary irresponsibility;

Also concerned clause three attempts to force non-members to comply with with this resolution as clause three clearly states “Mandates immediate action to be taken to lower infection rates in all places of treatment”;

Mortified by clause three (a) which states “severely limiting the amount of antimicrobial substances exposed to livestock”, which severely restricts livestock processing facilities where livestock is slaughtered from using disinfectants and antimicrobials, thus potentially allowing pathogens to enter to food chain;

Deeply opposed to the blocking nature of clause three (a) which prevents future legislation in the area of livestock growth and processing as those facilities would be restricted from the use of antimicrobials necessary to fend off disease and infection within livestock;

Believing that while the intentions of General Assembly Resolution #333 “Preserving Antimicrobials” may be noble, it also has serious flaws which desperately necessitate it’s repeal;

Hereby repeals GENERAL ASSEMBLY RESOLUTION # 333 “Preserving Antimicrobials”.

The General Assembly resolution “Repeal “Preserving Antimicrobials”” was defeated 9,426 votes to 2,699.