Repeal: “Preventing Desertification”

General Assembly Resolution #432 “Preventing Desertification” (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: Agriculture) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.
The General Assembly,
Acknowledging the dangers desertification poses to member nations,
Applauding the resolution in its attempt to slow the spread of desertification,
Worried that the framework of the resolution only states “removal of vegetation” as a major cause of desertification, not referencing other factors such as climate change, urbanization, and harmful agricultural practices,
Further worried that the resolution does not provide a specific definition for “desertification”, possibly allowing for nations to dodge parts of the resolution by allowing desertification to spread while not citing it as such, leading to further environmental harm,
Acknowledging that, while it is important for member nations to determine their own policies and regulations in preventing desertification, the overall vagueness of the resolution will allow nations to take advantage of the resolution, doing little to stop this process while citing their effort as beneficial,
Noting that Clause 1 is extremely vague in its usage of “reasonable precautions” and ”reasonable regulations”, not specifying what a level of excessive vegetation removal is and allowing member nations to interpret this however they want,
Observing that Clauses 2 and 3 both “encourage” nations to educate workers and take part in reforestation, allowing nations to ignore the clauses if they so choose, posing the risk of uneducated workers harming the environment further rather than aiding it,
Alarmed that Clause 4 is nebulous in the role the WAEC carries in its overseeing of efforts against deforestation, not elaborating on its jurisdiction or role, allowing member nations to dodge regulations and punishment through individual interpretation,
Seeing that subpoint A of of Clause 4 does not specify the extent of effort that is “feasible” or what is “not harmful” regarding efforts of preventing desertification, again allowing nations to employ minimal impact tactics as long as they interpret it as “feasible”,
Further surveying the subpoint’s generalization of each nation’s political structure could have an extremely negative impact on each specific nation’s role in combating desertification within its borders.
Worried that subpoints B and C of Clause 4 are both vague and generalized, not taking into account differing strategies for facilitating reforestation and preventing overgrazing in the different environments of each nation, allowing for member nations to continue deforestation and overgrazing through the ambiguity of the subpoints,
Concerned subpoint D of Clause 4 is also generalized, not referencing the specific water needs of each member nation based on its spread of desertification.
Confused on why subpoint E of Clause 4 does not specify what “records” are to be kept on areas affected by deforestation, such as water levels and area of land lost to desertification each year,
Viewing the extreme vagueness of the resolution has allowed for the exploitation of numerous loopholes,
Hoping the repeal of this resolution will result in the drafting of new legislation much more equipped to combat the disastrous effects of desertification,
Hereby Repeals GA#432 “Preventing Desertification.”

More info here: NationStates • View topic - [PASSED] Repeal Preventing Desertification

This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung wil vote FOR.

Repeal “Preventing Desertification” was passed 11,639 votes to 1,797.