Repeal "Right to Privacy"

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #58: Right to Privacy (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The General Assembly,

Applauding the intent of General Assembly Resolution #58,

Regretting the resolution fails to account for certain aspects of the privacy issue,

Observing the text defines privacy, and establishes types of privacy, but does not specifically state that a person has a right to privacy, or that the government cannot infringe on all of those types of privacy,

Believing the text should clearly state that ‘consent’ to infringe on ones privacy can be considered given by seeking to enter a secure location or someone else’s property, or by trying to use services like transportation or hospitals,

Realizing the resolution forbids secret espionage programs that monitor citizens or gathers their personal information, but then adds “unless authorized by law” which removes all protection for citizens from such programs,

Noticing the resolution creates no restrictions on when a government can make private information pubic which it finds in the course of an investigation,

Understanding a more effective resolution is needed to fully provide the protection of personal privacy,

Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #58 Right to Privacy.

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Repeal “Right to Privacy” was passed 6,354 votes to 4,003.