Repeal "Stem Cells For Greater Health"

Repeal “Stem Cells For Greater Health”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#49

Proposed by: Krioval

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #49: Stem Cells For Greater Health (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: NOTING the utility of biomedical research and the development of novel therapies to combat disease,

REALIZING the good intentions behind the resolution “Stem Cells For Greater Health”,

NONETHELESS CONCERNED that the promotion of a single technology may not yield the strongest benefit to public health,

ALSO CONCERNED that patient access to potential therapies is not addressed in the legislation,

CONCLUDING that the resolution in question does little to improve the development or distribution of therapeutic agents under its own power,

REPEALS “Stem Cells for Greater Health”

I understand that changes in the voting process are being discussed, but while a decision isn´t made, i´ll keep it as it was.

The link for the threatened resolution is:

I’m against this repeal. The arguments against are simply points that the author feels should have been included in the original resolution but their absence doesn’t weaken the original in any way and is not fair grounds for repeal in my eyes.

NationStates • View topic - DEFEATED: Repeal "Stem Cells for Greater Health" is the link for the WA forum discussion over this repeal.

Thus far most support the repeal, though for different reasons. Some agree that WA shouldn´t promote a single technology, others say that a new resolution will bring greater medical rights (which lead in a discussion if acess to medicine is a human right), a few want the repeal for clash religious and/or national issues on the subject, and even those that are against the repeal mention that could be moved if a better replacement is assured.

I´m against the repeal because not only the resolution is good, but its also limited enough in its scope that don´t prevent the creation of a more general resolution over health. And promoting one technology don´t forbid the use of others anyway.

I didn’t know anything about the original resolution this repeal was talking about so I used Drakkengard’s link to find out…

I see nothing wrong with the original law and I see no point in this repeal…I’m against.

i also agree that the original resolution is a good one. I vote against this repeal.

I would have been AGAINST the original resolution. Basically, i’d have seconded Warr’s opinions.

This repeal is simply… gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (slaps hand on face)

However, i vote FOR the repeal. As badly written as it is, i’s aimed to repeal a not-condivisible res anyhow.


I’d say for ethical and moral reasons FOR repeal. Never been a fan of stem cell research whatsoever.

Voted against.

I think 60% of the people in this game don’t understand the procedure of…how do you say…leaving certain things up to individual nations, which would then leave it up to individual persons.

Voted against. (Initially for For but misread the resolution when it was refering to repealing an act) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m leaning against, but haven’t voted yet - still thinking about this one

Last Decision

The resolution “Repeal “Stem Cells For Greater Health”” was defeated 4,258 votes to 1,758.