Repeal "Stopping Suicide Seeds"

Convinced that regulation to prevent the exploitation of farmers is preferable to an outright ban of a technology which has considerable utility in limiting the spread of transgenic crops,

Concerned that these restrictions place an unnecessary technological constraint on food production that increases the chance of famine as populations grow faster than food output,

Noting that the target resolution does not ban the domestic for-proft production of these seeds whilst burdening governments with unnecessary restrictions that compromise competitiveness, technological advantages, trade secrets, and national autonomies, and

Believing that 249 GA’s ban on a ‘genetic modification technique that renders the seeds of a plant sterile’ would make it significantly harder to protect native species from the accidental spread of transgenic organisms without prohibitively expensive administrative protocols,

This august World Assembly hereby:

  1. Objects to the ban on ‘government funding [of] any for-profit entity that is engaged in GURT or [its] research’, as nations should be able to fund those emergent technologies they believe are necessary to maintain their competitiveness in the global economy;

  2. Protests the fact that private companies must disclose trade secrets developed after significant investment to a world agency without any guarantee that their investments will be protected, opening the door for foreign corporate espionage;

  3. Disapproves of the ban on ‘transport across a national border, without preapproval from WAFDRA, of any plant or seed that has been modified using GURT’ as national governments are quite able to regulate their own foodstuffs without the pre-approval of an inefficient international committee;

  4. Hopes for replacement legislation that corrects these issues without the collateral damage noted to the environment, national competitiveness, technological advantages, trade secrets, and national autonomies;

  5. Repeals 249 GA ‘Stopping Suicide Seeds’.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Repeal “Stopping Suicide Seeds” was passed 16,428 votes to 3,589.