Repeal "Veterans Reform Act"

Repeal “Veterans Reform Act”

A proposal to repeal a previously passed resolution

Category: Repeal

Resolution: #32

Proposed by: Zarquon Froods

Description: WA Resolution #32: Veterans Reform Act (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: SADDENED by the fact that this resolution was submitted before it was effectively refined;

OUTRAGED at the multitude of flaws this resolution holds within its body;

DISMAYED by the fact that member nations will be required to fund care for another nation’s “veterans”, including, but not limited to, those soldiers who have recently been at war againt them or those they will be at war with in the future;

ALARMED by this resolution’s definition of “veteran” that includes not only those citizens who have willingly joined their nation’s armed services, but also those who have been conscripted which, in certain cases, can include a vast majority of a nation’s citizens;

CONCERNED that the WA Veterans Assistance Office (WAVAO) requires all member nations to incur the monetary cost of all services allocated by Section 4 of the “Veterans Reform Act” through use of the W.A. General Fund;

MORTIFIED that the expenditures incurred to the General Fund by the WAVAO are exponential, un-restricted, unregulated and extremely vulnerable to corrupt abuse, leading to a high likelihood of massive depletion of W.A. funds;

HEREBY repeals the Veterans Reform Act.

The resolution to be repealed, our previous discussion about it and the link to its thread on WA forum can be found at:

And i vote against the repeal because i keep my previous understanting that this resolution is just another “protect a segment of population” act.

As i stated before it is dangerous for soldiers to be looking abroad for monetary assistance once they have left the military as this will negatively affect the loyalty maintained to the government that employed them in the first place.

If a nation is unable to support its own former soldiers then others should not be forced to payout of their own pockets to support them.


Voting FOR the repeal.

Seeing as I was against the initial proposal… for.

For the repeal, for reasons given in the previous thread.

Last Decision

The resolution Repeal “Veterans Reform Act” was passed 3,122 votes to 892.