Reproductive Education Act

Applauding this Assembly’s commitment to education and sexual and reproductive rights;

Recognizing the importance of educating youth on safe and responsible means of engaging in sexual activity and reproduction;

The World Assembly hereby:

  1. Defines, for the purposes of this resolution, a “general education service” as any service or collection of services in which one or more students are educated on all subjects considered necessary for basic education, such as mathematics, the sciences, and language skills;

  2. Requires all general education services in member states to guarantee that all their students who are experiencing reproductive maturation, and have not yet received sufficient education, as detailed in clause 3, are educated through a reproductive education course on the nature of their species’s reproduction;

  3. Establishes that such reproductive education courses must thoroughly educate all students on information relevant to their own species, including:

    Biology relevant to reproduction;

    The process of reproductive development;

    Prophylactic and contraceptive measures, when relevant to the improvement of students’ health;

    In species capable of sexual activity or reproduction, the process of sexual reproduction, biology relevant to sexual activity, and any pathogens known to frequently communicate through sexual activity;

  4. Highly encourages member nations to provide separate reproductive education courses for each sapient species;

  5. Expands the mission of the World Health Authority to include assisting member states in the adequate education of sapient beings on reproduction, in order to minimize the risk of international epidemics caused by pathogens communicated through reproduction;

  6. Directs the World Health Authority to allocate sufficient funds toward reproductive education in those member states that are unable to meet the mandates of this resolution, even in a good faith effort, without supranational aid;

  7. Reserves to the several member states the power and authority to regulate reproductive education within their jurisdictions, within the confines of World Assembly law.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote FOR.

Reproductive Education Act was passed 14,365 votes to 4,689.