Republic of Cosoria (Claim)


Nation Name (long): The Federal Republic of CosoriaNation Name (short): The Republic of Cosoria

Motto:”Bound by sea and air, we are the Lords of the Isles of the Cosorians, the Cossacks of the sea, we are united in Friendship and Peace.”

National Animal:Polar bear

National Flower/Plant:N/A

National Anthem:’Cosaria, Our Cosaria’

Capitol:Kyeva (Population:68,000)

Largest City: Kyeva

Demonym: Cosorian

Language: Cosorian (Slavic-English)

Species: Human.

Population: 512,000(Census 2021)

Government type: Federal Republic.

Leader(s): President Alyuskyva

Legislature: Cosorian Federal Parliament

Formation: 1839

Total GDP: 25,000,000,000

GDP per capita: 48,828.125

Currency: Cosorian Rollar.

Calling Code: +35

ISO 3166 code: .Cs, COS

Historical Summary: A brief overview of your nation’s history.

History:The Nation of Cosaria’s origins are unclear, but the most known ancient evidence would point to Ancient Slavic seafarers who graced the shores of Cosaria. They would name the Islands ‘Kholhorias’ which translated to ‘Snow mountain’ is Costarian, as they would admire the vast volcanoes jutting out of the landscape and the forest, some would settle on the shores of the Largest islands as they were far, far away from their homelands.

By 400 AD, the Islands that made up Cosoria had a total population of 3,000. With such low population density and a total of 3 settlements spread out over its islands, Cosoria had a multitude of problems. The First was disunity, the small villages had no idea the other even existed or didn’t care. The Cosorian Identity would not even begin to develop until 1200 AD, by then Cosria had a total of 10,000 people living on its islands and the people built boats to venture further to catch more fish.

Some were blown of course, landing on other villages’ shores, spreading their tales through pictures and drawings as hundreds of years apart allowed languages to differ. Over time as they ventured home, they began going back to trade, and slowly merchant trading developed as goods were traded between villages.

By the 1500s however came the time of War, Cosoria had a Growing Population of around 45,000 and the largest villages had several thousand people. Chiefs of these villages were growing greedy and realized enforcing their own laws directly and putting their own laws over other villages could benefit them. Larger villages began to swiftly take the smaller ones and soon islands were occupied by a single nation, with the remaining nations now turning to other islands….

…the 1600s however saw the Great Cosorian War break out, 5 Nations went to war. Each with armies of a few Thousand, every battle was decisive as Longboats landed across the shores, but while they toyed away, the Island-State of Kyeva built a modern navy of Advanced vessels for the time, with several Brigantine-Like craft they took the island of Illyksva. The Kyevan nation quickly seized the rest of the Nations over the course of the century, securing the Modern borders.

But while the world progressed, the only growing thing about Cosoria was its population and during 1836, the Cosorian Revolution took place, a Bloody war that killed several thousand people (Remember, at the time that would be a lot).

The Establishment of a Democracy in Cosoria allowed for Free Enterprise to spread around the country. The Economy boomed as Did the population which swelled to nearly 230,000 by 1900. The 1900s however would see the First Colonial scare, in which the country would realize that Colonialism was a potential threat and was scared into quick industrialization.

Since then, the economy has risen significantly with a small population of 512,000, large amounts of minerals, Freshwater Deposits and even tourists flocking to see the Small Nations many sights such as the Volcanoes that spew ash and lava that heat the islands and provide Geothermal energy.


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