Republic of Kuovälsna

Joint Claim of Cowlass and SocDyl. Land transferred from Jarvisen agreed upon with Norgs.

Nation Name (long): Republic of Kuovälsna

Nation Name (short): Kuovälsna

Motto: “Only he who makes the blade may decide when there is peace and war.”

National Animal: Sable

National Flower/Plant: Bougainvillea

National Anthem: Lament for Our Fathers

Capitol: Ämärby

Demonym: Kuoväinne


Official - Nys’tat’en, Kuovälpsan

Minority - Norgsveltian


56.4% Kemonomimi

31.6% Ursines

7.8% Elves

2.3% Tieflings

1.9% Other

Population: 10,498,112

Government type: Unitary Akuanist dominant-party presidential republic


Shrinekeeper: Ny’Bree Vestchur

President of the Convention: Vassi Kyllö

Chief of Defence: Ny’Sænuri-Gen. Avark Ny’Välsen (De facto takes a leadership role)

Legislature: Popular Convention

Upper house: Assembly of Brewmasters

Lower house: People’s Assembly

Total GDP: $73,337,920,771.80

GDP per capita: $6,985.82

Currency: Pzæffin Coin

Calling Code: +562

ISO 3166 code: KU, KUO
Internet TLD: .kuo

Historical Summary:

The Republic of Kuovälsna, or Kuovälsna is a republic in the Northeast of Novaris. It was founded after the colonisation Ny‘Andrestopp led to the collapse of the first historical Akuan democracy. At the time, Kuovälsna was considered to be the frontier of Ny‘Andrestopp during the collapse of the nation, having been admimistered by native Kuovälpsan fiefs. The Ny’Sænuri clans of Ny‘Andrestopp guided the refugees of the former nation into the frontier area past the mountains.

During the time, the Ny’Sænuri clans took the leading role in governance, establishing a military-run government to protect against neighbouring coloniser nations. The Ny’Sænuri authority controlled the government until the Dawn Revolution of 1856 which established a democratic state and retracted the Ny‘Andrestopp claim, proclaiming the republic.

After a century of democratic governance, the Ny’Sænuri clans retook control of the governance in 1958, during the Jarisvi-Kuoväinne War. Previously during the war, the Jarisvi were on the offensive, taking over large parts of the government and bringing the country to its knees. The Ny’Sænuri seized control of the government, changing the course of the war, pushing back the Jarisvi forces pass the border and taking a large chunk of the country.

In 2008, the government returned to a ‘democracy’. Establishing a de facto Ny’Sænuri-controlled government backed by the Kuoväinne National Struggle party. Which has been in government from the beginning of the return to democratic governance.




Following a vote on May 30th, 2023, this nation claim has been APPROVED by a vote of 4-2-0. Further votes will be amended to this post as they come in.

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