Republic Of Stromburg

Wow, I didn’t realise this place exists for East Pacific states until now.

Ok now getting back to the formality and a brief introduction about Republic of Stromburg. We are a democratic and extremely secularist nation. Stromburgian believe in the Code of necessary which is to take whatever action that are deem necessary to ensure the survival of the nation and discard the most ridiculous & the unworkable. Republic of Stromburg shall be committed to the development and peace of the pacific region.

Back to being informal, Our President Will Herrell had recently just shoot a rare silver scale dragon from his latest hunting trip and he shall personally prepare dragon meat pie for foreign diplomats who are willing to drop by at the Presidential Palace of Stromburg. Any leaders care for a bite?

Greetings, and welcome to the East Pacific (forums).

I express an interest in this dragon meat pie, or rather specifically the dragon itself. Would your government interested in sending a scale of the dragon our way? My nation is a corporation-based consumer state, and we believe such a material would be beneficial to improving alloys and defense equipment for all of NationStates.

To: Representative of Raedion-Lucari

If you want a suitable scales for a defence purpose, I may recommend you the scales of the Black hide dragon. Black hide scales is made up of a natural carbon fibre which is flexible as cloth and strength that is almost comparable to titanium (require a diamond edge scissor to cut it). Because of this strength, it is known to be liability for the dragon as it hindered its growth so it needs to shed its skin every decade. Usually, the government does not allow export of blackhide scales commercially due to its rarity but we will make it an exception to nation who are interested in it. Just called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the quotas at anytime and we will send you the scales right away. As for the dragon meat pie, we can airlift for you fresh and warm by our civilian airline.

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IC: Stapen Evesuni raises an eyebrow. “Dragon meat?” he wonders as he sits at his desk.

We will have to ask you to hold your shipment. We are currently experiencing a shortage of diamond blades. Our last shipment has been entirely used on quarry excavation equipment, so we will get back to you.

Also, is dragon meat 100% lean?