I hereby resign from all government roles excluding EPSA command.

College has sucked me dry of time plus I’m a bit burned out regarding TEPstuff, so I think focusing my efforts on UDS may help me be more effective at doing things rather than tryna do stuff in two regions at once, and consequently be more fun for me. I also feelits best I take a step back from tep stuff as I’m not doing much anyways.

This isn’t a permanent thing, will look to do tep gov stuff in the future if I’m up to it.

Good luck with College and all the best for the future Zuk, look forward to seeing you back here in the future

— Begin quote from ____

College has sucked me dry

— End quote

aint that a mood

rest well Zuk, hope to see you again some time

Thank you for your service to the region Zuk! we will be here for when you are back