Response to Recent Defender Transgressions

Response to Recent Defender Transgressions

April 22, 2023

The North Pacific is a proud Independent region. While we share common interests and goals with regions we consider our friends and allies, and our interests may even be perfectly aligned at times, the decisions we make and the actions we carry out are ultimately rooted in how to best serve our own region and its interests, not theirs. In recent weeks, many people in this game, unfortunately including some old friends, have seemingly forgotten this fact, or refused to respect this reality. Unfortunately, our old ally The South Pacific decided to deliver an ultimatum to our region and, in apparent solidarity with several other major defender regions, threatened to oppose any resolutions in the Security Council that we wished to see pass, if we did not join them in opposing condemnations of prominent raiders. There is no excuse for this, and it is entirely unacceptable for any region, especially one of our allies, to extort our vote in the World Assembly. TNP’s WA vote, like anything else, is only to be utilized in our region’s best interest, and consistent with the will of our citizens. While we are willing to discuss votes and come to agreement whenever possible, we almost never do so apart from our internal vote, and we almost never vote in contradiction of that internal vote. To make a binding pledge that extends beyond a delegate’s term in office before an internal vote has even taken place, and before a proposal is even at vote, is unheard of.

We have spoken to representatives from all the regions involved in this matter, as well as our other allies in the MGC, to get as clear a picture of these events as we could, and to determine how best to proceed. The tactic employed by The South Pacific, The Order of the Grey Wardens, 10000 Islands, and The League will never be accepted by our region, and will never be successful. Such an effort, should it ever be repeated in the future, will be rejected out of hand by this government, and we are confident in saying, every government in charge of TNP in the future, given the response of our citizenry, which has been loud and clear in its denunciation of what has happened. Similar efforts in the future will constitute the termination of our cooperation with the region or organization that attempts them, and this will include the termination of any treaties or formal diplomatic agreements we have in place, including any embassies.

We appreciate the apologies we have received, especially those made to our previous delegate, who despite his approach to handling this issue did not deserve to be treated the way he was. We recognize that all parties involved are aware of the gravity of their actions, regret them, and will change their own procedures and practices as a result. We take them at their word. Clear breakdowns in communication took place not just between our delegate and their regions, but among the defender regions as well. This is a shame, and we hope that all of us can work together in the future to communicate better and move past the recent bad habits of assuming the worst of each other, and holding back for the sake of pride or posture. Based on the conversations we have had with these regions, and the much appreciated assistance they have already provided in protecting The Wellspring, we believe that we can move forward accordingly, and continue to work together on areas of mutual interest, and do so in good faith.

But this does not change the severity of the offense. TNP has been disrespected and humiliated. We accept our role in these events, and are doing everything we can to move forward without repeating them, and guarding against similar failings in the future. Our community deserves better than how these matters have been handled as of late, and this government will deliver. They also deserve accountability for what was done, and we will deliver that as well. For the foreseeable future, the following measures will be taken (with others under active consideration) in response to this outrageous behavior:

  • The North Pacific Army will not partake in any bilateral military cooperation/training operations with the South Pacific Special Forces, The Order of the Grey Wardens, the League Defence Forces, or the Ten-thousand Islands Treaty Organization;
  • The talks in pursuit of a non-aggression pact with The League will be suspended;
  • No additional diplomatic agreements will be considered with the regions of The South Pacific, The Order of the Grey Wardens, The League, and 10000 Islands, nor additional embassies constructed where they do not currently exist;
  • All planned cultural events with the regions of The South Pacific, The Order of the Grey Wardens, The League, and 10000 Islands will be canceled, and no future cultural events or collaborations will be considered.

The North Pacific does not wish to close the door to future collaboration and cooperation with the regions named above, but if it is to resume, all regions that would seek to engage must do so with the understanding that we will not be intimidated, strong-armed, or treated as a subservient source for votes and boots on the ground. The talents of our players, and the votes we provide in resolutions, are ours first and foremost, to be used for us and our community, and while we are happy to help a friend or a worthy cause, that help should never be expected or demanded. When that assistance cannot or will not be provided, we expect that our decision not to provide it will be respected and speak to the issue in question, without being dragged into unrelated matters, and certainly not in a disproportionate way, as was done in this case.

Furthermore, while we accept that regions will often make deals or ask for assistance on matters that are important to them, all regions would do well to remember that The North Pacific is an Independent region, not an anti-raider one. We may or may not provide assistance in matters related to R/D concerns, but that assistance will never be on the basis of anti-raider sentiment. We have repeatedly explained our stance on this area, and have taken measures against prominent raider organizations, not based on their ideology, but in response to aggression and interference in our affairs. Any organization that conducts itself as these raider organizations have will meet with similar response, including defender organizations. And just as we have spoken out and taken action in defense of our allies and fellow Independent regions when certain raider organizations have wronged them, we will respond just the same should defender organizations or regions attempt something like the extortion we experienced against our allies. As we outlined in our prior statement On Alignment, The North Pacific is a pragmatic player in the R/D sphere. We believe there are times when raiding is acceptable, and we will conduct raids in such circumstances. Our leanings have not changed, nor have our priorities in the diplomatic space. We will continue to advocate for that pragmatic view, and resist the extremes of anti-raider sentiment, which played such a strong role in this drama. We hope that there will be no doubt about this in the future, and that if there is, we can talk it out rather than resort to threats and escalation.


Acting Delegate

St George
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Advisor to the Delegate

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