Rose National Radio 2

“…] and it was the same color as when it went in.”

Hah! But I’m going to have to cut you there, Geadf- “It’s okay.” *- because we are going to have something special now. The coronation of the Empress is just about to start, and RNR 2 reporter Telni Malfan is at Triumph Square. She’s going to give us a narration of the events in the capitol and possibly some insight. How are you, Telni?"

[Sounds of a large crowd in the background.]‘I’m fine, Vald, thank you. It’s great, sunny weather here in Estarath, just as a coronation day should be. The three domes of the Grand Hall of the Gods are shining with all their colors blazing and the Royal guard is standing in the Square. The new Empress Felyin Endaryn has not yet arrived and several thousand people from all over Tasargeria are waiting to see their new ruler.’

I’m sure everyone here at the RNR 2 would also love to be there, but this isn’t just any coronation, is it?

‘Indeed it is not. Empress Felyin, only 31 years old, will be the first lesbian ruler in Tasargerian history and her reign is speculated to be a progressive one just like her first act after she was elected when she asked the Council to pass the so-called Free Media act that allowed media to broadcast criticism towards the government, a risky move considering how much controversy her election alone has stirred.’

Indeed, and there has even been claims of corruption in the Council about the election.

‘Yes, some conservative groups have claimed that some Councilmen have been bribed or their decision was affected in some other way, though no actual evidence has been brought forth.’

I see, and I hear the security is tighter than ever.

‘You’ve heard right, Vald. Police have been ready all over Estarath and they had to disperse a small demonstration in Wellan after it got violent. However, nothing of the kind has happened here and the crowd seems peaceful from where I’m standing.’

And we hope- [Crowd cheering, drowning the starting music.]

‘The Empress’ escort arrives! Five black cars are driving to the Square. They are circling around the middle as to not damage the mosaic in the middle. As a safety measure, we don’t know in which car the new Empress is but we will see that in a minute when they stop. [Brief silence.] The cars are stopping at the steps of the Grand Hall… Soldiers in honorary uniform are stepping out and forming two lines before one of the cars. And the Empress steps into view! And… Andia Endaryn, Empress’ companion, is with her! The pair waves at the cheering crowd. They are walking up the marble stairs hand in hand with the soldiers escorting them. The Empress is wearing a long, dark purple mantle and I believe her gown is dark blue, but I was only see it at a glance under the mantle. Her hair is on a tight knot and she obviously doesn’t yet have her crown. Her companion is wearing a long, all-white dress and her raven hair flows freely on her back.’

How is the crowd?

‘I can’t even begin to describe the positive feel I’m getting from the people around me. No matter the controversy, people are welcoming their new ruler with open arms. Now the ruling pair is almost at the top of the stairs and the Grand Hall doors are opening. The soldiers stop, and the women turn to give one more wave to the crowd before stepping into the Grand Hall. The media of course can’t get in to see the ceremony so it’s back to you, Vald.’

Thank you, Telni. We’ll return to you in a while.

“Do you ever wonder what they serve at the coronation after party?”

No I haven’t actually, but it can’t be that different from normal parties, can it?

“So, shots from someone’s navel and mini-burgers?”

Hahah! Well, I think most of us don’t go to that sort of parties, Gaedf. Now for some music. Later we’ll call the Councilman of Internal Affairs and after that we’ll continue with the coronation.

The Eleven o’clock News

Good Evening. Our subjects today:

Empress Felyin promises tax-cuts
Conservative and military Councilmen resigning
Southern terrorists continuing attacks on Roses

And in sports:

Crowd favorite Festa down, underdog Ellod to the finals

The new Empress Felyin is promising strong tax-cuts to ease the high rates from the reign of her predecessor. As to from what part of the budget these cuts would be made, the representative of the Imperial office did not elaborate, and the military and the Imperial Inquisition fear that their funding will be under management. General Festa Arantras fears that the decisions of the new ruler will damage the security of the Empire and stated that “with the threats from the outside, the Rose shouldn’t come under siege from within”.

Some conservative and military members of the Council of Provinces have resigned from their posts as Councilmen after the coronation of the new Empress. Most claim that the new ruler can’t fulfill the needs of her office. Most of the resigned Councilmen reportedly voted against the new Empress and have since then tried to prove the elections invalid. Some of the Councilmen have already been arrested under suspicions of separatism.

In the Southern provinces, the separatist group Nalonui Liberation Front has continued its savage attacks on the Rose populace. The representative of the Red Rose community has asked for the Imperial Inquisition to take part in defending against the separatists. The military has sent a large number of troops to fight the enemy and has liberated the few small settlements taken. The Council has promised to send aid to the Rose populace.

Now for sports.

In the national gladiator championships, crowd favorite Festa, nicknamed the “Bloodbath”, has died in a fight against Ellod, sentenced to the Esterath area men’s prison for killing two men. During the fight Festa who had suffered an injury to his shield arm in his last fight was not able to rise his shield fast enough and Ellod was able to strike with his axe and cut off the top of his opponent’s head despite his helmet. I’m sure many bets were lost as Ellod moved to the finals to fight for the title of champion against the lower race combatant Stanga.

That’s all for the news. Now back to Pop with Renu.

The eleven o’clock news

Good evening. Our subjects tonight:

The Toeholdian rebellion continues
Tasargeria send two representatives to the Grand Council
An infestation of 2 kilogram white fish in the Northern provinces

The rebellion in the province of Toehold continues, and the separatists have not answered to the demands of cease-fire. Due to the actions of the rebels, the whole province has become a desolate wasteland where survivor are barely able to survive. Countless have died in the conflict, but the military assures that the province will soon be liberated.

The Imperial Office sends two representatives to the Grand Council of East Pacific. The identities of the representatives have not yet been revealed but they are, according to the Imperial Office, government officials who are experienced in international politics. Some critics have questioned the need for such officials and inquired about the expenses involved. The Councilman of Foreign Affairs Clari Hasur assures that the diplomats will be imperative for the prosperity of Tasargeria’s future.

An infestation of large white fish have been found in the Northern provinces. As it is commonly known that when caught, white fish of at least 2 kilos, or little under 4 pounds in weight will cause over-excitement, spontaneous singing about the caught fish and its weight, and the inability to perceive the damage done to other people. It is advised that the inhabitants not ice fish as long as the infestation continues and all infected by the mind affecting fish should be brought to the nearest hospital.

These news were brought to you by Foster’s.