Scenes from Ayaupia

Plapoc, 5 p.m.
Provincial Assembly of Palescia

A slight tense was floating in the air. Paws clenched on the wood, stealthy looks and huge bundles of papers covered in writings scattered around. Only hummings, and mostly silence, deputees waiting for the chamber’s president to announce the new debate. Nervous, anxious, or ready to deliver passionate thoughts, or even having nothing to say, until one loud voice echoed in the room:

“And now, we’re going to discuss the return of Komertiya Port to Ayaupia, more precisely how the province will handle a new territory on its land.”

A female raised from her seat. Whispers suddenly spread around, as she was known to have been implicated in the affair of the March Rebellion, where thousands of felines violently demonstrated and burnt administrative buildings in Komertsiya Port, causing unrest in the region: it is said she ordered to arrest hundreds of protesters with the support of Tuvaltastan, some of them in prison for more than five years.

“I would like to make a speech”.

  • Go ahead.

She came behind the microphone and waited for other deputees to be quiet, then nervously started to talk in front of her colleagues.

“In all Ayaupia’s history, never such an event would have been that important for our country. Me, and all of you, are at the forefront of a cornerstone moment, we will assist something none of us will ever see again. As Tuvaltastan will gratefuly return their colony, we will be able to ensure our national integrity. We need, and we should, take an exemplary attitude and show to the world how Ayaupia will behave. We need to make sure our former coloniser will look at us as a forgivable and accepting nation, capable of closing an eye on the past and advancing forward to the future. We need to condemn all the troubles that were done in-”

At this moment, the hemicycle broke the silence and covered her in shame. As she was booed, an intimidating male stood up and pointed his paw towards her.

“That is why, you, are a betrayer! You betrayed all palescian people, all felines and all the country! We don’t need to condemn them, we need to condemn you for what you did, which is a stabbing in the back of our nation! You know what I’m talking about, you know why you’re getting jeered, so, for all of ayaupian’s spirits sake, admit your lies and confess your treason!”

And as he shouted that, almost every other deputees cheered and approved his accusations. The poor female stood there, trying to raise her voice over the noise that was filling the room.

“Mister Vlasnel, I’ll advise you to settle down and keep your insults for yourself, I have the right to express myself and-”

  • And I’ll advise you, Miss Cosnal, to keep your mouth closed as we don’t want to hear another new lie you invented, and as we want you out of that room and out of that country!

  • Quiet, quiet !, a big voice resonated all over the chamber, as the president slammed his mallet to restore order in the room. I’ll advise Mister Vlasnel and Miss Cosnal to avoid purposely creating unrest in a debate and attacking other deputees in an uncivilised manner! I’ll remember as you are deputees that you were elected and chosen by the people to discuss topics while being educated and professional, not fighting like small children! Miss Cosnal, return to your seat, and try next time to not bring such matters into the debate!

That was an instance of how Ayaupia is prepared to the handover ceremony that will give Komertsiya Port to Ayaupia. An example of how the country is apprehending, understanding, accepting, rejecting, such an impactful event. In other cities, in other assemblies, in other families, each citizen is going to see a new chapter of its own country.