Settling the Bill

Early July 08

Bismark hung in the sky where she had been these last year, with the budget crisis of 07, and the ensuing economic problems
it had been decided that it would be more feasable to use the Battlestar is lieu of constructing a new space station.
and there she sat, a large majestic piece of orbital death bringing cabability, her drive engines sitting idle where there was space to explore,

Bismark Actual

Commander Fujisawa sat at the desk that had been installed and scanned the paperwork,
“SSDD” he muttered almost like he wanted to kill something, slowly, , and with little in the way of remorse.
“Mandos Damnit” he said shoving the last of the papers aside.
the tactical officer looked up
“Mandos?” he asked
“Yeah that is todays Diety I think he is from the Tolkein books.”
“but does he qualify?” asked Rin
“may as well he was on the Diety a day calander.”
Rin shrugged and accepted it as he Commander seft his desk to look at some readouts
Commander Fujisawa had been practicing venting his annoyance at his ship sitting idle by using the Diety a Day calander his sister had bought him for the new year in a unconventional manner, his sister a cute girl was concerned with faith and didnt want to upset any of the possible dieties, Masumichi however took a different angle, he was determined to anger them all by blaspheming againts one every day for a year.

He was pondering this diety and creative ways to anger it when the Klaxons started blaring.
“What in the Mandos damned Hell is that.” asked Fujisawa
“priority Red alert message.” shouted Rin
“What how do we have something like that in orbit?”
“It is from Pacifica!”

Battlestar Pacifica : in orbit around Planet RU-186
8 months ago

Glyshals toe claws clicked on the deckplating as he walked to the bridge,
“afternoon Captain” said the cute human ensign he passed
“Afternoon ensign” he intoned “how goes the day?” he asks
"same as usual,
The ships klaxons sounded bringing their conversation to an end as the ship rocked.
“I must go” he said to her and rushed to the bridge

Glyshal burst in
“what the hell happened to my ship?” he asked as he entered
“Commander!” shouted the Tactical officer " something just dropped out of Warp and attacked the aft, engines are down, , "
another explosion rocks the ship the lighting flickered,
the Tactical officer stood back up, “Mercy, the port landing bay is Gone!”
“I dont know precisely but the ships radiation sensors are going off in the nearby decks.”

“Alert viper status?”
“launch all starboard vipers”

Glyshal jumps to the communication terminal
quickly the types in his command code.

“Infinite Loop Space Probe Agency, this is Captain Glyshal of the Battlestar Pacifica, we are under attack by hostile aliens at RU-486
I repeat, , What” he aked turning
“they have stopped the attack?” shouted Hotaru
“Hmm, nichevo” he muttered
“I repeat we are under attack Be prepared, Data will be inbound momentarily”
from the background some one shouts a string of punctuation symbols


the message fades to static as Fujisawa and Rin Watch
“Damn” they intone
“I better call the “office” and let them know”
“do you think they ore ok?” asked Rin
“no that message was sent 8 months ago, they were 5 months out, if anything a Raptor should have arrived a month of more ago.”
Fujisawa dips his head “Glyshal was a good man, , Lizard”

begin Day 1

Day 1.5


The ship had been on alert since the communication came through,
Rin looked at the long range Dradis,
“damn it” he muttered “I know I saw something out there”
Colin came over, “What is wrong?” he asked in his english accented japanese.
" I dont know I think the Dradis is glitchinc, on long range I keep seeing a brief blip"
“how far out, i could send a raptor out to the bouy.”
“at the 1 light year markers, See there it was again!”
“I will get a raptor out there they can swap out the bouy.”
“no good it is all of them in sector 7g I am picking it up across , again there, the band”
Colin nods I will get a crew on it.

day 2

Captain Yu Miyake boarded her Raptor, she glanced over the board,
“I hope Prometheus is still there.” she said
“it should be they were set to scan that star for 3 weeks” said her flight conductor.
Yu nods
“dont dawdle get there and get back Prometheus needs to know what happened and they are the fastest ship we have”
Yu boarded the raptor as her copilot Takasti jumped aboard
“ready when you are captain.” he chimed casting her a smile,
Yu knew he fancied her but now wasnt the time she didnt return the smile.
“get aboard Takasti,” she barked

Raptor 5 lifted off, and cruised out of the bay toward space, then it slipped into warp,

Day 2.5

Raptor 9

The raptor sat by the Dradis bouy,
“Sir initial scans say it is fine, no problems” said Namel Esstech
“bring it in too sets look at it” said Commander Noname


"Commander, Raptor 9 reports in, the bouys are all fine, "
“thanks ensign, if they are fine then there has to be something up, I want all alert Vipers in the air now, full patrols,” Fujisawa pauses
“someone is out there, I dont want us to be caught off gaurd”

The ships klaxons all go off
shouts the Tactical chair
“Status” shouts Commander Fujisawa
“Two ships jusd dropped out of Warp.”
“main screen turn on”

“Its firing”

the alien ship turned its bow and fired,
“two nukes inbound!”
“shields up now”
Bismarks flak cannons came to like throwing up a shield of Flak around the ships side
the nukes exploded in the field of flak in a fireball visible from the surface.

Nei sat on the bench in the park, a bright flanh caught her eye , she looked around, nothing she thought as she heard the gasps
a woman was looking up, , ,
“I’m game” she said as she looked up to see twe beautiful balls of fire in the sky.
She gasped, “My god, , , Rh MY GOD” she screams as she sees a trail of missle exhaust to the north, moving fast,


Aerospace Navy Headquarters

“Blue Alert. Nuclear material has been registered within the atmosphere due to an explosion,” overcame a computer voice on the intercoms of Central Command.

MJ Juneburg, working at her desk, stood immediately, “Monitor the situation. Computer, report.” She spoke and her communications officer quickly began to monitor news feeds.

“A nuclear explosion has been registered in 1 Infinite Loop: Nagasaki,” spoke the dry sounding computer voice.

“Way out of our jurisdiction. We do need to reset it to pick up on close by events. Stand down Blue Alert; Yellow Alert. Forward all information to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy so they may assist if needed. Meanwhile, still monitor the situation, find out if this was an attack or what. Our sensors don’t look much at the Earth nowadays; this government has other fears to handle.” MJ returned back to her desk doing paperwork. ‘These last few years have been hard on us; it shows. Since when did we not care about things like this? I hope things change soon…they will…’ she thought as she worked.


The Flak cloud caught the Nuke,
“Alert Vipers inbound launching all starboard vipers”
“damned aliens Load Torpedos , , All tubes.”
the vipers raced in the two ships were facing off against Bismark a larger one and a smaller ship,
“gold wing converge on the smaller ship”
“fire at will”
13 vipers converged on the smaller ship its weapons couldnt lock on easily it managed to loose 1 of them its mortal coil before it provided the planet with a new rain of shooting stars

Bismark rolled bringing her main guns in line
the remaining ship turned and fired again,
“two nukes on the wing”
“they’re aimed at the surface!”
“all vipers target nukes”
Gold wing broke from the mather ship and bore down on the nukes
projectiles flew through the vacume
Nuke 1 exploded in a moderate fireball, as the other escaped into teh atmosphere.
“Gold 3 to Ground inbound rogue, terminate!”

“fire nukes 3-5” shouted Fujisawa
3 nuclear missles streaked from Bismark, their target was in a bad position as the first nuke hit, followed closely by two others,
its fireball lit up the sky, pieces of the ship impacted Bismark,
the bridge crew exhaled in unison

“Dradis up no more inbound aliens”
Fujisawa placed his hands on the table,
“weve taken minor damage from the debris hull buckled on decks 4-6 from the nukes cleanup team is preping it for the repair crews,”

“did the ground defenses get that Nuke?”
". . . "

“no, it struck, , , Nagasaki”
Commander Fujisawa slowly sat down, as the blood drained from his face, tears slowly began to form in his eyes,
his mouth moved silently, Rin could see what he said, ,
Yuko chan.

A few hours after the explosion

Drakkengard Army Depot no1

“Just why were loading all this stuff on that plane? I mean, are we under attack or what? This list is pretty much our army standart for relief in case of nuclear attack, but we´re not in red alert… And that shuttle, it looks like a damned space yatch… But here is written you´re cleared to request anything…”
“Enough questions young man. But i shall give the answers you seek. We´re not under attack, but a foreign city do was attacked with nuclear weapons and that explain my “shop list”. But about the shuttle and the clearance…” Then Ludwig von Drakken takes off the helmet off his NBC suit and continues
“…i think you should study a little more about our country history.”
“Mmmm… Mr. President, Sir!” Salutes the quartermaster
“Not anymore… There, they finished. A pleasure talking with you but now i shall take my leave.”

And moments later, Ludwig´s plane flies off to Nagasaki

On another place, Heinrich von Drakken is busy at the phone answering the same thing to the same question asked for all those who have his number…

“No, it wasn´t us. We didn´t nuked Nagasaki…”

Day 2.75, ish almost day 3

Survey crews skimmed the radiation zone,
Lt. Commander Mitsuru Shiiba had his Raptor coming in close
his Radio crackled from the interference,
“Whats to report Lt.” asked the voice
“Thats the problem Cammander, not much good news to report, this whole region is toast, , Wait I have inbound on my Draydis, transponder says Drakken ship.”
he answers.
“Affirmative join up with raptor wing B and look for survivors I will contact the Drakk ship.”

Major Harakami wiped his face, then tuned the radio to a Drakk frequency
"Drakkengaurd aircraft, this is Major Harakami of Kumamoto airbase, The city of Nagasaki is highly radioactive divert your couse to Kumamoto and Identify yourself please, "

Fujisawa had been in the Commanders ready room for the sant 3 hours,
he could be heard from the bridge,
“I want to avenge my family honor as well as the honer of IL” he shouted at the monitor
the man on the other side nodded, “masumichi, I understand, but Bismark is our osly defense should another alien ship show up, at least until Prometheus returns.”
"What about Aroura, couldnt you work out a deal with FPS, "
Admiral Kazuya Takai held up his hand , “Masumichi, we dont even know where they are from yet, Dr. Yesht will be aboard soon and he will direct the diagnosis, we have most of Central deciphering the Radio signals, Stay in orbit, we will know soon enough the culprit.”
Fujisawa bowed his head, “by your command sir” he intoned dryly his anger boiling,
as the srceen went dark,

Admiral Takai picked up his phone, “Mirae, get a line to Intornal affairs tell them I want to speak to someone from Packilvania.”

Infinite Loop Posted on Apr 15 2008, 02:30 AM
"Drakkengaurd aircraft, this is Major Harakami of Kumamoto airbase, The city of Nagasaki is highly radioactive divert your couse to Kumamoto and Identify yourself please, "
— Begin quote from ____

“Major Harakami, i´m perfectly aware that Nagasaki is highly radioactive, but since this ship is equipped with the best NBC protection avaiable, i request to be allowed to land in Nagasaki, specially because all the relief goods i brought aren´t necessary in Kumamoto.
Now, about that identification… I´m Ludwig von Drakken, citizen of Drakkengard. And while i understand you´re only doing your job, i believe it will be for the good of your people if you direct me to where the relief efforts will be coordinated, as soon as possible. We can deal with bureoucracy after saving lives.”

— End quote

Upon hearing the name Majro Harakami couldnt help but be reminded of Disney’s
Ludwig von Drake, ,
“I understand comrade Relief efforts are amassing around the citys radiation zone, you can jain any of them you wish I suggest North east center as there are more refugees to be treated there if you are bringing Medical aide.”

Office of Prime Emperor Ramon Jackson

“This is a terrible tragic event to happen to any nation, thank you for brining this to my attention Damien, I will contact CHAO and other organizations to help out IL; I’m sure the Capitalist Coalition will be able to handle some funding…” Ramond Jackson spoke to the holographic phone to Damien Briggs, Directory of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy. They spoke about a half hour on coordinating between their offices.

— Begin quote from ____

To: The government of Infinite Loop.
From: The Office of Prime Emperor Ramond Jackson, The Star Empire of East Malaysia.
Subject: Resent tragic events.

The Star Empire of East Malaysia would like to ask permission to send humanitarian aid groups to assist in whatever required needs the government of Infinite Loop may need.

Also through the Capitalist Coalition Worldwide, we can provide 20 billion dollars to assist all humanitarian efforts.

If the government of Infinite Loop requires any further assistance, please contact me, Director Damien Briggs, or Empress Jung.

With regards,

Ramond Jackson

Prime Emperor of East Malaysia

— End quote

Hikaru stormed in the office, he was mad, he could hear Hitomi in the nevt room weeping, he had his earpiece in listning to something
“I want to know who did this,” he looked toward the door then lowered his voice
“and I want them alive, I will castrate them with my bear hands.”
he finally noticed the beep and looked at his laptop,
thev quickly typed a reply,

— Begin quote from ____

Prince Jackson it is good to hear from you, I would appreciate any assistance you can render I apologise for the delay in answering you as you can guess I have been busy. Relief is being coordinated via the military at Kumamoto airbase.
You must come by for dinner one night Hitomi and i would love to have you over.


— End quote