Sexual Autonomy Guarantee

The World Assembly,

DEFINING “the right to sexual autonomy” as “the right to be free from unwanted sexual activity, to never be obliged to engage in sexual activity and to participate in sexual activity only with the free and informed consent of all parties to that activity”,

CONVINCED that everyone has the right to sexual autonomy,

SEEKING to guarantee this right to every citizen of every member-state,

ACKNOWLEDGING that there exists a belief that a marriage contract, or equivalent legal document, or the existence of a similar relationship, represents a permanent and continuous state of consent to sexual activity,

WISHING to eliminate inequality between victims of rape while also preserving the practical capability to intervene in a manner appropriate to the circumstances of the crime,


GUARANTEES every citizen of every member-state the right to sexual autonomy without exception,

DECLARES that consent to sexual activity may be withdrawn at any time before or during sexual activity,

MANDATES that no marriage contract, or equivalent legal document, or the existence of any similar relationship, shall ever be construed as providing prima facie consent for sexual activity, nor shall any state or manner of dress, nor any behaviour perceived as “sexual provocative”,

PROHIBITS member-states from creating a legal distinction between sexual crimes which take place within a marriage, or similar relationship, and sexual crimes which do not,

REQUIRES that all sexual crimes, and accusations of such crimes, receive the same level of attention as any other crime of similar magnitude and a response from legal authorities that is timely and appropriate to the circumstances of their execution, including efforts to protect the victim from a repeated attack by the perpetrator, regardless of whether the victim and perpetrator are in a marriage, or similar relationship, or not,

STIPULATES that, with specific regard to protecting victims from repeat attacks, special care and attention must be given where a shared work, education or living space, or other factors, such as a familial or professional relationship, give the perpetrator a level of access to the victim that a random attacker would not have,

ENCOURAGES member-states to establish education programs to correct misconceptions and misinformation about sexual crimes and to combat stigma against the victims of such crimes.

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This resolution is now up for vote.

Bai Lung will vote AGAINST.

Sexual Autonomy Guarantee was passed 11,506 votes to 1,342.